The Gift Part 2

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Jul 7th, 2015


Second part where transformation finally happens


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Kyle looked down towards Elana. I think I control it… I’ve been having dreams where I see myself and I have a body like yours… “Hey… I can hear you again!  Um… Elana? Do you really like Toby?” Elana looked away and walked downstairs out into the backyard. Kyle walked and looked out the window. He watched Elana as she did her business, but instead of coming back inside, he noticed that she was sniffing in the air. She wondered around until she got to the gate and began barking. Kyle knew that something was up, so he quickly walked out to where Elana was and saw that Lyla was walking Toby. Toby walked closer to the gate and began barking at Elana. “Tobes! Wait, that’s-!” Kyle and Lyla’s eyes met, and both blushed remembering yesterday’s events. “I’m still sorry and embarrassed about what happened yesterday…” Lyla still felt weird about it, but she nodded. “Yeah it was a little weird, but I’m sure there has to be an explanation… and.” She leaned a little closer. “Please don’t tell anyone, but I kinda liked it… I mean, I didn’t like or expect it yesterday when it happened, but after, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it… Like I crushed harder for you.”

Kyle’s eyes enlarged. “Really?! I mean I kind of like it too, but I just can’t explain it… It felt natural for some reason at the time…” He looked to see how Lyla felt and surprisingly, she nodded. “I know what you mean… Is that weird? Are we weird?” Kyle then looked around and asked if she wanted to come inside and that his parents were helping his uncle with the fair. She nodded and both him and her went inside while they let the dogs play. They both nipped at each other and played tag to pass the time. Inside, Kyle brought out a glass of water and asked if Lyla wanted anything. She told him that she wanted what he was having, so he brought another. They silently drank their waters and then leaned close. “Do you still want to try this?” Kyle closed his eyes and nodded, as Lyla closed hers. They then shared a passionate kiss. It was just as magical as the day before, and Kyle felt another urge telling him to lick her again. He fought it, but then Lyla surprisingly began. She licked his cheek gently and then he began licking back. Then before anything could happen Kyle broke it off.

“Lyla… I really like you, I do! I- I would even go so much to say that I want you! It’s just that… I don’t want to do anything we’ll regret.” Lyla nodded understanding. “I’m sorry… I actually feel the same… We’re old enough though right? I mean you’re almost twenty, and so am I! We’re kind of adults… So do you have a condom?” Kyle smiled at her encouragement and ran into his room. He had a little box of them in a drawer incase anything crazy ever happened, and was about to leave, when he noticed his notebook was open. As he began reading he saw that more questions were answered.


I feel like something might happen soon…

Something will. I’m just helping you get there.  …I don’t know how I know it though.


I licked Lyla today… What the hell?

You are changing… You will be like me soon…


Kyle’s mouth dropped. “So I’m going to become a dog? Is that even real?” Kyle looked around him. He didn’t know how to feel about it all, but while he looked around, he was at his window and stared as he saw Toby mounting Elana. “NO!!!” Kyle was suddenly filled with fear, and even jealousy, almost surprising himself, but continued to race downstairs and broke it off before Toby could begin puppy making. He barked out his anger for the interference. “Kyle? What’s going on? Was Toby about to mount Elana? I actually think it’s kind of ok, I mean German shepherd huskies look cute! You don’t want our dogs to have puppies? When they’re old enough, we could sell them and it’ll make up for the trouble the pups cause.” Yeah! Sell our pups so you can make a lot of money… That’ll make up for everything… Toby said sarcastically. “Tobes… You know it’s how it has to be…” Kyle turned to face Lyla who not only blushed, but looked a little guilty. “Lyla? You can understand your dog too?”  She nodded slightly, they all went back inside, and Toby and Elana were kept apart. “Yeah… I didn’t want to tell you before because I thought you would think I was weird… I mean as soon as, no, even before we got Tobes… I had these strange dreams where I was him! I didn’t even tell my parents about them and ever since he came home, he was so different than normal dogs…”

Kyle nodded. “Same with Elana…” “So Ky… Now that there are more things in common between us than we realized, do you feel better? Because I do…” Kyle smiled and nodded again. “What does this mean?” Lyla soon came closer and gently licked his lips. “Whatever you want it to mean…” She whispered. Kyle had no idea why she was acting this way, but he didn’t want it to end… Quickly they went to his room. He closed the blinds and curtains and got back to Lyla. She smiled deviously and they continued their moment by taking their clothes off and Kyle put on his condom. Soon an urged pulled them to get to know each other better. They both tried to fight a little, but ended up sniffing their back ends like regular dogs would. As this was happening, they felt a pulling sensation on their spines on both ends. Both of them soon developed longer necks and furless tails. As they continued to sniff, their noses and mouths fused slightly, forming muzzles. Their olfactory senses increased and both could detect many different things.  When they finished, both of them felt their ears being pinched. They used their hands, which also seemed to be changing along with their feet, to try and stop the pinching.

Their thumbs and big toes shortened the most of their fingers and toes and pulled back forming dewclaws.  As they realized what was happening they became afraid, but at the same time, they both lusted for each other. They didn’t smell any different than a regular human, so both just continued licking one another and wagged their tails. After a while both of them were finished transforming into hairless floppy eared dogs. They then noticed how different they looked and took another moment sniffing each other’s back ends and detected a scent that wasn’t there before. Both of their tails wagged pretty hard as Kyle’s penis began to emerge from his new member, popping off the condom. The feeling of pins and needles made itself known as fur replaced their hair and continued growing all over their body.  Kyle began growing golden fur while Lyla was growing black and white fur. After, Kyle finished becoming a yellow lab while Lyla finished becoming a border collie.

They continued sniffing, and then exchanged gentle licks with one another. You smell really great Lyla… You smell great as well Ky… I- I want- I want more! She then began licking his cock, making him feel more in the mood and felt his penis start to drip. Almost immediately Lyla then turned, showing her back end towards his face and lifted her tail sideways so he could enter her. Without hesitation, he mounted her and thrusted his penis inside her moist vagina.  She moaned and barked trying to encourage him to go further. He smiled as the feeling was nothing that he ever felt in his human life, but he didn’t care about anything else. He then began pounding faster as his knot soon made its presence. With one more thrust, it released all of his juices. They both panted at a job well done and instinctively, Kyle turned around and they were tied butt to butt. That’s when they realized what had become of them. Oh my God! Ky! What the heck happened to us?! The last thing I remembered, we went into your room and I couldn’t control myself, and now… Oh my God! We did it! We had sex! And we- We’re tied! I’m too young to be a mom!

As Lyla kept whining, Kyle was at a lost. He knew this was going to happen, and at the same time, he actually didn’t mind it that much, but he was afraid that he was going to stay this way forever. Kyle? How are you doing? Are you still you? Kyle looked down, he couldn’t control himself when he smelled the pheromone that Lyla gave off, but he could control himself now. Slowly, he nodded and looked back. Lyla… I want to apologize… After I began sniffing you with me being what I am now, I had no control, and the truth is, I kind knew that I was going to be a dog… Lyla gasped What? B-but… YOU- You did this to me didn’t you!? At that point, Kyle’s knot shrank and they were free. No! You don’t understand! I didn’t know that I was going to become a dog now! Or rather, I had no idea when! Look- Kyle then proceeded to tell Lyla what had happened since he adopted Elana. So, you really didn’t know? How could this happen?! Kyle shook his head, but after a moment of awkward silence, they suddenly heard talking downstairs.  Well… I think they want a go at one another, but should we let them? He sighed, but nodded. It’s only fair since we did it…

Lyla nodded guiltily and both of them raced downstairs and somehow unhooked their dog’s leashes with their muzzles. At the sight of new dogs, they all had a moment of introductions. Mi- Mistress? How? You smell ready, but at the same time, I can tell you’ve been taken care of… Elana and Kyle, meanwhile were about to go a little more in-depth. Master? Both of them wagged their tails pretty hard. To her, Kyle smelled really good, though he also smelled the other dog’s cum. She began licking as if cleaning, bringing Kyle’s penis to emerge once again. Kyle was really happy, but at the same time, he whined, afraid that he would lose control again. Toby sniffed Kyle getting ready to mate with Elana and rushed over to stop them. He barked, scaring Kyle slightly, and stopped Elana from licking. Kyle immediately felt grateful for Toby stopping them him from making another mistake, but then quietly growled and barked as he saw Toby begun mounting Elana. Even though he really loved Lyla, he also felt like he could love Elana as well. As they got their rhythm going, Toby and Elana reached their climax and were tied just like Kyle and Lyla a few minutes ago. While they were stuck, Kyle and Lyla instinctively began to lick themselves clean and began nipping at one another and playing tag.

After Toby and Elana were cleaned, all of them became really hungry and thirsty. Don’t worry guys, I got us. Lyla smiled as she watched her mate bringing chairs to the sink and then fill the water bowls with water. As they began taking turns drinking, Lyla walked over towards the pantry as she smelled where the dog food was. As she grabbed the bag, the kibble leaned and fell out, stopping all of the dogs from what they were doing and ate as much as they could not caring it wasn’t in a bowl. Once they finished, one by one, they all went into the backyard through the doggy door and did their business. Kyle and Toby tried to argue a few times to which who was the alpha. Even though he was a little afraid that he would never be back into his human self, he eventually got used to being a dog for now and felt his instincts tell him to try and be the alpha. After a few fights, Kyle successfully became the alpha of their group. Elana? Elana tilted her head. So did you know the whole time that I would become a dog? And Toby did you with Lyla? Toby and Elana looked at each other and then nodded. Master… I, I mean we, are different from regular dogs. We have a little bit of knowledge and are what we called messengers of the gift. There are so many of us but we don’t know everyone. The gift gives the lucky few the ability to become anew…

It’s not just dogs though, when it’s wild animals or I guess any animal period, fate brings the messengers to the people they are meant to give the gift.  Only a select few are given this though… to keep the balance of populations in this world. You two are just lucky that you know each other and both were meant to be dogs. It’s actually pretty rare. About 1% of humans that are given these gifts know each other and have the same type of gift! Lyla and Kyle felt themselves blush and licked each other’s muzzle. So… Does that mean that we’ll never be human again? Both dogs nodded and they all looked down. Lyla widened her eyes as she curled up and whimpered while Kyle just felt dead.  Will I give in to what regular dogs do? Elana nodded. Occasionally, but you’ll get used to it, I promise… Kyle walked over to a flowerbed and began to fall asleep.  For the next hour, Kyle dreamt of being human again and he was in the backyard with all of the dogs. “What? Elana! Look! I’m human again! I thought you said tha-” He looked in shock as he noticed no one was looking at him and he turned to see his new body just resting. “Am I… dead?” He ran to his room, going through doors and walls, feeling like he really was dead, but he had to make it to his room. Once there, Kyle reached for a pen, and oddly enough, he could hold onto it.

Without stopping, he tried to write a note incase his parents got to the house to find not just Elana, but Toby and two new dogs. He then finished and tried to bring it to the living room, but the notebook, like everything else went through his hand and fell back onto the desk. “Damn it… I guess if I can pick up the pen, then I’m not really dead… So I must be dreaming. When I wake up, I’ll try and bring the book to them!” Almost as if he said the magic words, Kyle lifted his head and found himself in the flowerbed. He raised his ears and listened closely as he heard the car doors close. Immediately, he ran as fast as he could to his room and got the notebook. “Honey, are you sure that Kyle won’t get into trouble? I mean I know he has Elana, but there’s something odd…” Then Kyle’s mom gasped as she found Toby and Lyla sleeping. “Uh… Hon? Is it just me or is Toby and another dog here?” Kyle’s dad came and rubbed his eyes.  “No, Toby and another dog really are here! I need to call the Brimming’s and the animal control, just stay here and watch them. As he ran inside, he found Kyle with his journal in his muzzle. “Uh… hey there dog… What do you have there?” The dog wagged his tail as he saw his dad. He didn’t know why but it felt like forever since he last saw his dad, but tried to maintain himself as he gave his dad the notebook.

“Dad, I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve become dog. Lyla has too and that’s why Toby is here. I’m a golden retriever and Lyla is a boarder collie. I swear that I am not lying, just ask me anything and I will show you that it’s me.” He then slowly looked at his ‘son’ who was panting and wagging his tail. “Psst, Yeah right… Like I’m gonna believe that for a second Ky… But I’ll humor you” He shouted towards the ceiling. “Ky, is your full name Kyle Roger Rosco?” Kyle shook his head, he knew his name, which was Kyle Michael Marks, but it wasn’t like he could give his dad a verbal answer. His dad almost widened his eyes as he noticed the dog moving his head as if he was actually answering. “Uh… Ok, ky, if that’s you how old are you? Kyle knew he could answer, and he knew just the way. He knew his parents hated a lot of barking so he began counting like a horse would. He tapped his paw nineteen times, surprising his dad again. “Ky?” He nodded and his dad knew that was his son. “Kyle?! That’s you? What- How?!” Kyle tilted his head as if telling him he didn’t know and whined. “This must be all very scary... If that’s really you then, the boarder collie must be Lyla… Ok, follow me!” Kyle nodded and walked along side his dad.

When they made their way to the front, Kyle joined Lyla and licked her muzzle gently. “Honey, you’re not going to believe this, but somehow, Kyle and Lyla became dogs!” His wife gave him a look as if telling him to ‘stop playing’ and ‘this isn’t funny.’ He clenched his fists, “I’m telling the truth! Watch!” His wife sighed and looked on as the dogs were gathered in a group. “Lyla! Come, girl!” The boarder collie lifted her head and sat in front of the both of them. “See?” Kyle’s mom sighed and shook her head. “Larry, just because the dog responds to Lyla’s name, doesn’t mean it’s her…” Lyla began barking her sorrow, and the other dogs began whining, feeling bad. What?! Mrs. Marks, it’s me!! It’s me! I don’t want to be a mom let alone a dog!! I mean I don’t know why I liked it in the moment, but I never wanted that! And I never want to do it ever again! “Calm down, girl, it’ll be ok!” Lyla’s ears flattened and she growled after talking to her like a regular animal. “Look, see? She’s temperamental she needs to go to the shelter or else the other dogs could mate with her and she could have puppies! I heard that it’s about time for the females to be in heat…” Lyla growled more, but whined a little as she looked back at Kyle. Larry looked at them both and made the connection. “Are you serious?! Ky? Are you out of your mind? Come right now!”

Larry’s wife looked in confusion as the Labrador walked guiltily next to Lyla. Slowly, Kyle looked up and gave a guilty look that dogs were known to give. It almost made his dad break his anger and start to giggle, but he knew that even though it might’ve been difficult, it was still wrong. “What you did, if it’s what I think you did, was really bad! You are a human, son! Even though you’re a dog now, you are still a person! Bad dog! I mean… That wasn’t right son…” Kyle nodded but lowered his head more and Lyla licked his muzzle feeling sorry for him, because she knew how it felt to not have control especially when they mated. Larry’s wife watched in amazement, as the dog responded like it understood. “K-Ky?” The dog looked up and gave a doggy smile as he walked up to her and began to lick her perfume-scented hands. Tears fell as she realized her husband was right. “Oh my God! Even you Lyla?!” Lyla nodded and walked back to her spot where she cried. “Honey, we gotta do something! Kyle, can you change back?” Kyle sighed and shook his head. “But are you sure?” He nodded and they frowned, and wiped their eyes as more tears fell. “What are we gonna do about Lyla’s parents?” Larry shook his head trying to think of something. “I- I don’t know, but we have to think of something quick! They must be worried about Toby and their daughter…”

The parents thought that they first should find both collars and leashes for Lyla and Toby, incase any other dogs were in heat or wanted some action. “Ky? Do you think- No… We can’t take any chances. Sorry Ky, but your mother and I are gonna keep you in different parts of this room. I might not be an expert, but I know that soon you might lose control again and might want to mate with Elana as well.” Kyle understood, so he nodded, but he wasn’t really thinking about Elana as much as he was thinking about Lyla. Though neither wanted to admit it, since they mated, they really cared for one another. More than they thought they cared before transforming. They didn’t want to be apart, especially since they both knew Lyla was now carrying his pups. As he was being guided and then tied in the Garage, he then thought about what it’d be like now that he was going to be a dad. ‘Wow! I’m actually going to father pups! I never thought that would happen, but I’m- I’m actually going to teach things to my children! The only thing is… will I even ever see them? What will they look like? And what do I even teach them?’ He began to whine as he paced back and forth. His dad felt bad for leaving him tied up but he knew that Elana would probably be ready for another round in a few hours.

Once both Kyle and Elana were officially tied up, Larry took Toby while his wife took Lyla. They tried to keep them on opposite sides while they walked five minutes towards Lyla’s house.  When they got there, both Kyle and Lyla’s parents began arguing after Larry broke it to them. “Look, please! We’re telling the truth! I mean just ask her questions! Things that Lyla would know and she’ll answer them! After you realize it’s her, please keep Toby away from her.” Lyla’s parents looked at each other and then back to them. “You mean she hasn’t been spayed?! You know Toby is a stud!” Larry father sighed trying to get them to understand. “You know we wouldn’t do this to you if I didn’t know it really is her! It is George! If you just ask her questions!” George sighed. “Look I think it’s best that you take that dog back from wherever you found her, before she makes a mess in our house!” Lyla whined as if she was crying. Toby whined and began licking her face on around her eyes and her forehead. Lyla’s mom stared at them and felt it all too familiar. “Um, you say that you have a dog at your house now right?” Larry nodded. “Actually two now that you’re asking… You know, my son became a dog as well… Why? Is something on your mind Olivia?” George wondered what she was going to say, and then rested his eyes on Toby licking at the boarder collie’s face.

“Did Toby ever lick any of the other dogs while he was at your house? Like he’s doing with that dog there?” Lyla whined as she just kept hearing her parents call her a dog. “Uh, no, I don’t think so…” Olivia then called Lyla by her name, surprising her. Mom! You believe them now? She walked over to her mom and began licking her hands and even her cheeks. “Ok! Ok Lyla calm down!” George gave an upset expression. “Olivia, you don’t really think that-“ “George, she responds to her name and Toby is licking her face in the same way he’s kissed Lyla! Don’t you remember that the only face Toby’s ever licked was hers? Ok Lyla, if that’s you, how old are you?” Lyla began barking until she reached nineteen. Olivia and George gasped and then Larry knew that they were starting to believe. “George? Um… There’s one thing that you- um… That you should know.” Lyla widened her eyes and began barking in protest. “I’m sorry Lyla, but they’re going to find out eventually…” George stared curiously at both Lyla and Larry. “Um, if this is really Lyla, I want to know something, something that Lyla would only know, and only then will I believe and then you can tell us what it is that’s so important.” Larry nodded and sat back down, holding onto Toby’s Leash tightly.

“Ok Lyla, um… Do you remember when we went fishing with Tobes? You said that you wanted to catch a big one! You did and we planned on cooking it, but you thought that it shouldn’t be eaten so you buried it when we weren’t looking. Do you remember where you buried it?” Olivia and George looked on in shock as Lyla nodded and ran towards the backyard. She knew without sniffing around where the fish was, but she tried not to show it. Larry and his wife stayed with Toby making sure that he would behave himself. After a few seconds, Lyla began digging at the ground. Toby lied down and watched on along with Kyle’s parents as George and Olivia pinched their nose. “Ugh! The smell is so strong, but all I see are fish bones… Let’s put the dirt back Lyls” Lyla nodded and pushed the dirt back. “So… I- It’s all true… You really are a dog! Oh and Kyle’s one too! Can either of you change back?” Lyla’s ears flattened and whined as she shook her head. “What?! Are you sure?” Lyla whined again and nodded. “But, I… I can’t ! I don’t know what to do now that I know you’re my daughter…” Larry then cut in knowing that they had to know. “Um, there’s something else you need to know now as well…” Lyla ran into the house and tried hiding under furniture knowing how her parents would probably act when they knew. “Uh, she and my son, um… She and my son had sex when they became dogs… Sorry…”

Lyla’s parent’s eyes widened as they realized what he was saying, almost fainting. “She’s going to have puppies?!” Kyle’s parents guiltily nodded and looked away. “I already gave my son a good talking to and I’m keeping him and our other dog apart, like I suggest you do the same when we leave.” “Why? I don’t mean to be rude, but hasn’t your son done enough?!” Larry gave a deep sigh and looked down. “You see, you can’t blame either of them, both of them were basically forced to act upon their instincts… And, once they mate, they can mate again when they feel the need, even with other dogs…” George and Olivia sighed feeling more horrible. “Ok, Tobes… Let’s go. Thank you for not giving up and we’ll call or find you guys again after we figure out what to do. So… Larry. Jean.” Larry and Jean nodded and walked quickly back home where Kyle was still pacing back and forth. Meanwhile, Elana was sleeping. Kyle’s ears perked up as he heard his parents coming closer towards the door. He almost immediately forgot his troubles and felt his tail wag pretty hard with happiness, he even barked for them to welcome them home waking Elana. Well… You’re becoming pretty comfortable as a dog. Elana smiled. Kyle blushed and looked away. I am a little I guess, but I think it’s because of these instincts. I’ve been trying to fight them, but I can’t take it anymore… I’ll just roll with it now. Even if that means having sex again… Kyle felt himself blush harder as he said that. I mean, I don’t like mindlessly going after every dog, but I can’t help it can I?...

Elana lowered her head,  No… Both female and male dogs. Even other animals other than humans and dolphins, I heard,don’t really live for anything else other than food and sex… When the time comes, it’s like pheromones take over our mind and force us to do things that maybe even we don’t like doing, but that happens…  “Ok, so they now know and believe us, but- Where do we go from here?” Kyle’s and Elana’s leashes were untied and both, with the help of Kyle’s parents made their ways to Kyle’s room.  “How long can dogs be in the mood, Larry?” His dad told her it was a cycle and that he knew they were in heat twice a year because he listened to Kyle talk all about it, but Larry forgot how long it lasted. “So Ky, is it days? Weeks? Months? How long?”  Ky felt overwhelmed by the questions and begun to whine slightly. “Sorry, son… Um, does it last for months?” He answered by shaking his head. “Ok then… Um, what about weeks?” He nodded and began barking three times. “So three weeks?” Kyle nodded again. “Well, we’ll have to keep you guys separate till then and keep a close watch over both of you, but… I feel like there’s something else you’re not telling us…” Kyle whined and lowered his head. “What is it? We need to know.” Larry then let go of Kyle and he came over towards Elana. “Wait! Kyle, you need to be in control!” Kyle then begun barking.

I am in control! I’m just trying to tell you that Elana is pregnant too! Elana whined and as Kyle nudged Elana’s backside, Kyle’s parents realized that she was pregnant as well. “Did you?” Kyle shook his head. “Then… Toby! So I guess we’ll be busy as well…” Soon, two months had finally past and it was almost time for both sets of puppies to arrive. Both parents decided for the time being, until the pups arrived, they would rent an apartment and decided that the puppies would be born and raised there. Kyle was always by Lyla’s side while Toby was with Elana’s. Lyla was the one to give birth first and in the end, had four puppies. Quickly after the third pup was born, Elana had gone into labor and had seven. Both dads licked their mates for a job well done and both parents were left to rest. After the first week, Lyla now realized that she loved being a mother and was so happy as she nursed her pups. Kyle was with her all the way and felt the same about being a father. Mate? I mean Ky? Kyle smiled. I don’t mind if you call me mate… Lyla licked him. When all of our pups grow old enough, they have to go, can we go at it again? I actually kind of like being a mom… Kyle nodded, but both dogs whined knowing what was to come for their pups. You see how it feels? Toby remarked as he was grooming his son. Both Kyle and Lyla lowered their heads. I want to apologized what I said… I didn’t know… Toby just sighed, continuing to groom his pup, then leading it back to Elana to feed.

When the time came, the pups were given loving homes to go to. Lyla, Kyle and Elana, being first time parents were pretty emotional, but Toby just sighed as he saw the last of his pups leave. “Larry? I just want to say thanks... If you didn’t give up, my daughter might have been abandoned giving birth to our, uh… grandchildren without a home or shelter. But with all of what’s happened, I’m sorry to say that we plan on moving… It’s been really tough dealing with all of this and we’re hoping that we’ll find a petless area for Lyla… I think she really liked being a mother and I don’t want her to go and mate with every dog that she meets. At the same time I don’t want to make the choice for her to spay her, so… I’m sorry… Before we finally leave, I’ll let them have their final goodbyes.” Larry sadly nodded understanding their decision. When the time came, they said their goodbyes and had their final licks, and that was the last Kyle ever saw of Lyla. Everything later soon became normal as it could be, but Kyle would now always dream of being human and try to talk with his family through the journal. The next heat season was around the corner, and Kyle could smell Elana getting closer and closer to being ready. Though he didn’t really feel excited, Kyle knew it was only a matter of time till he would mount her and have pups. To which they did when his parents weren’t home.  They had eight. 



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