The Gift Part 1

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Dreaming of having a dog his entire life Kyle finds one that gives him more than he bargained for


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It was the summertime in Farmbank’s animal shelter, and many animals knew that it was almost that time of the year, where in the town’s fair, there was a big opportunity where many of them would go and hopefully become adopted by loving families. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a young man named Kyle, who was about nineteen, was wide-awake. He was dirty blonde and was pretty average in height and build. For as long as he could remember, he always wanted a dog. He read books and watched videos about them, learning about what it took to raise one from a puppy incase he ever got one at that stage. He even prided himself to all of his friends and family how much of an 'expert' he was. The problem was that, however, his parents were still very hesitant about owning one. “C’mon! You know I can take care of them! I’ve done my research and did all that I could for you to let me own one! I even got a job to pay for his or her bills!”

He usually would begin the same type of plead when he knew there was an opportunity to own a dog, and this whole week was no different. “Son, I know that it can be kind of lonely being an only child, and in the years prior to now, you have shown us how dedicated you can become, so I guess your mother and I will talk about it, and then we’ll tell you tomorrow…” Kyle knew that this time, both of his parents would say yes. In all of their conversations, they would always show some sign of what they would say for their answer and since there wasn’t any negativity it looked pretty promising. It was almost pitch black outside when he came back to reality and thought about the fair. “I know that by this time tomorrow, I’m going to be a proud owner of a great dog!” He walked to his window, and looked out as far as he could. He always lived by the fair and would go every year with family and friends since his uncle owned the land. After thinking of the possible fun for tomorrow he ran back to his bed and eventually fell asleep.

That night he dreamt that he was one of the dogs who were waiting to be adopted. He watched anxiously as everyone walked all around the fairgrounds. Then he saw his human self, running, with excitement clearly on his face. He wagged his tail joyfully, when a woman stepped up. “Do you want a dog sir?” Kyle’s human self nodded. “Well you’re going to have to answer a few questions right and then play a game to win! Of course, after paying at least ten dollars, and for every question you get wrong, you’ll have to pay five more dollars to still be able to adopt one.” Kyle’s human self nodded and took out his wallet, having a little more than a hundred saved up to get one, he was well prepared. “Ok, first question, how old must the puppy be in order to be adopted?” After a few more questions to which he correctly answered, he had to play a game. As this was all happening, Kyle, who was panting, would stick close to his human self so he could be noticed.

Eventually, his human self won the game and was allowed to choose a dog. Kyle was so happy, that he ran in circles and then up to his human self, who was petting all of the dogs. Since he didn’t know this was a dream though, he didn’t feel weird at all that he was a dog while his own body was right in front of him. Almost immediately, both of them made eye contact and both of them felt a strong and unusual sense of connection. Soon, they began to play and run around the dog area of the fair. After what felt like an hour Kyle’s human self walked over towards the lady and told her that he wanted the dog. “I looked at everyone and I think I want her!” That’s when he finally noticed something was wrong. Wait, what did I say?!  I– I mean, wait! Why am I a dog? This isn’t right! Who are you?! Kyle barked a couple of times and got his attention, but then woke up. “Ahhhh!!” He looked around and checked his body. He was covered in sweat, but he saw that he was back to his old self, and more importantly, to him, his gender. “Thank God it was just a dream… I feel like I- wait.. A-actually, I don’t think I even remember what it was about… Oh well, I'm glad about that, because whatever that was, I feel loads better now.”

Quickly after getting over his mini anxiety episode, he got ready for the fair, feeling as excited as ever, knowing somehow that he would be able to own a dog. Once he and his family made their way inside the fair, they stopped at a food stand and got funnel cakes. “Kyle, I think your father and I are ready to give you our answer now. You may have a dog if you take full responsibility” Kyle stopped eating and smiled, showing his excitement. “Really?! Thanks mom and dad! Can I go get the dog now?!” They both nodded and told him that if he also wanted to go on a few rides after, that to bring the dog back to them so they could watch it for him. As fast as he could, Kyle made his way to the pen. Looking around the area, he then felt a sense of déjà vu, but tried to ignore it. Soon a lady came up, looking oddly familiar, as if he had seen her before. When she begun to talk, he felt as if he really met her before. “Do you want a dog sir?” A little uneasy, he nodded and listened to what she had to say “Well you’re going to have to answer a few questions right and then play a game to win! Of course, after paying at least ten dollars. And for every question you get wrong, you’ll have to pay me five more dollars to still be able to adopt one.”

Uneasy still, Kyle took out his wallet. There was a hundred twenty-five dollars total and gave her the amount asked. “Ok, first question, how old must the puppy be in order to be adopted?” He paused and looked a little surprised. He suddenly remembered the dream that he had the previous night and quickly looked around the group of dogs trying to spot himself, but then remembered he was the dog, and didn’t look to see what breed he was. Only that he was a girl dog... ‘Maybe I’ll find and pick her… Maybe I was meant to adopt her…’ he thought. “Sir? Do you know the answer?”  He nodded and answered all of the questions right, remembering each and everything that was said and done in his dream. After he won the game, it was then time for socializing with the dogs. Again, Kyle looked around while he pet all of the dogs that bounded up towards him. Eventually he found her, he could tell when both of them stared into each other’s eyes. He begun to feel the familiar feeling of connection in his dream. He knew no matter what, she was the dog he had to get. She was a beautiful blonde husky, who was a little smaller than it's usual size, but that didn’t keep her from quickly running up to him.

She rolled over just like he remembered doing in his dream, remembering how he felt while a dog; approval and love. He took the opportunity to make sure that his human self in the dream wasn’t mistaken and gulped finding out that he wasn’t. ‘What does all of this mean?’ He thought to himself, but knew that it didn’t matter now. Soon after some minutes of playing with all of the dogs, he walked over towards the lady and told her that he wanted her. As soon as the paperwork was done, he was given a sturdy, but cheap looking collar and leash. “Sorry about these cheap leashes and collars. It’s just for now until you get your own. He nodded, understanding and raced with his new dog over towards his parents. “Ah! I see you got a husky! That’s pretty convenient since we get cold winters here.” Kyle nodded and told them that instead of enjoying the rest of the fair,  he actually just wanted to get stuff ready for her at their house. They agreed and left for the pet store. After getting everything from cleaning products to toys, Kyle smiled from ear to ear knowing that he now had a dog.

“Here you go girl, this is your home now! She walked around everywhere and sniffed taking in all of the scents and familiarizing herself with the house. After, he took her to the backyard to do her business. “Ok, since we’re out here alone, we can think about your name!” The husky suddenly looked up at him and tilted her head. He laughed a little and patted her head. “I know, I know… I just wanted something to call you and I-...  w-wait a minute… You only looked at me, but I swear I feel like I could understand you! Is this crazy, or-” The dog licked his cheek making him feel a little better, but at the same time, he could almost feel her telling him that everything was ok. Trying to get everything weird that happened out of his head, he told her to do her business and almost like she understood him, nodded and sniffed around. He shook his head and felt like he could use the time waiting to install the new dog door. Once it was finished, he called her inside and poured her some dog food. She immediately began eating and quickly finished. Once she did, Kyle and his family ate their dinner. “I think she really likes you Ky! It’s like you guys are linked somehow, like some different type of connection… I mean she follows you around even without a leash, and it almost looks like you both understand each other!”

Kyle’s mother nodded, agreeing with him. “I think she’s pretty intelligent for a dog!” Kyle nodded and laughed it off, but felt like there was something more to it. “So what are you going to name her?” Kyle shrugged his shoulders. He was still thinking of a name for her and he didn't feel any signals or anything hinting towards a certain name, but at the same time, he wondered if she had a name in mind. “To tell you the truth I don’t know, but I’m trying to think of one fast, or else I can’t show her off to my friends…” They all laughed, and when it was time for bed, Kyle showed his husky where she would sleep; in the living room. “Okay now, you stay here and sleep okay?” The husky nodded and curled up, falling asleep in minutes. Kyle shook his head, again feeling uneasy and went to his room. He took out his journal that he bought himself a long time ago if he ever was going to own a dog. He planned on writing about different techniques or anything that would have helped him in owning a dog incase he ever got another dog in the future.  Knowing that his dog acted strangely though, he now felt like he needed to write about the weirdness that had happened today.  “Maybe I’ll find out more about her behavior tomorrow… This can’t possibly be normal dog stuff…” Soon he fell asleep and had another weird dream…

He lifted his head and realized that he was in the living room of his house, and on the floor on some type of cushion! He stretched as he got up and headed towards the stairs. Once he made it into his room, he realized that he was lower than he was used to. He tried looking for a mirror to see why and then saw his reflection. As he got closer he, for some reason, didn’t even feel surprised as he registered that he was his new dog! He began looking around and jumped onto the bed. Finding his human body, Kyle then began gently licking his cheek making his human self smile a little. He felt his tail wag at the feeling of love they shared for one another and began to continually lick his own face. Surprisingly, he begun to see his human self stand up on all fours and lick back. He then sniffed his human self's mouth which stayed open for a little and could smell the dinner that they had had just that night. When he felt that he had enough of sniffing, he circled around a few times at the foot of the bed and fell asleep. The next morning, just like the last, Kyle bolted awake to a sit up position and checked himself. He was his regular self and felt his face. He noticed that though his face was dry, the area around his mouth was slightly wet! He then slowly looked down and watched in horror as he saw his dog get up beside him.

“Bark!” She licked his cheek and then almost immediately felt a little afraid herself. “Did you have a strange dream too?” Kyle calmly asked. He didn’t really expect her to do anything and just jump off of his bed and maybe bark to let her have breakfast, but again, she nodded and then licked him. He could almost feel an apology as she licked his nose. “I- I guess it’s ok, I mean if you are surprised yourself, than you don’t know why this is happening either.” He then walked over to his journal and opened it. He was about to write something, when he was shocked to find another person’s handwriting from his last entry.


Don’t know what to name the dog…

I would love to be named Elana


I feel like there is something more to this dog…

There is something, but I can't tell you, even though I want to…


The handwriting looked slightly different from his own, but he turned back almost as if he knew who it belonged to. “E- Elana?” The dog looked at him and gave a big dog smile. She barked a few times and wagged her tail.  “So I guess your name will be Elana from now on… and I know that you are able to write back around night time… So I guess I’ll leave you some things if I think of anything… But, uh… Are you hungry, girl?” Elana barked and raced him downstairs. He refilled her water bowl and was about to fill her food bowl, when his parents came down. “So have you thought of a name yet Ky?” He nodded, telling them and almost thought about telling them about what he found out, but then heard Elana whine for her food. “Ok Elana, I’m sorry!” He smiled. Once he filled her bowl, she ate it as quickly as yesterday and then went out to do her business. Kyle then begun to make himself something for breakfast as Elana was just about finished. While Kyle ate his breakfast, he glanced over to the side and noticed Elana look at him with pleading eyes and could almost hear her begging. Can I have some? Please? Kyle knew that he had to show tough love to her in order to establish who was the human and who was the dog, but he never knew it would be so tough. Eventually, he found his ground. “Sorry Elana, no begging.” Elana sighed and laid next to his feet.

He smiled, feeling good about himself and continued feeling great throughout the whole morning. After, he called her into his car and they went to the pet store to finally get her tags. When they got to the store however, Elana ran towards the some store shelves. Kyle couldn’t believe that she would just leave his side like that, but quickly brought out her leash from his pocket and ran after her. When Elana entered the isle, another dog was there with it’s skinny yet curvy, black haired female owner. She was a little preoccupied, so only the dog had noticed. They did the usual dog greeting and while Elana was getting acquainted with the dog, she found that it was a male around her age and healthy. His tail wagged as he found the same information as well as she was female and wasn’t spayed, just like he wasn't neutered. He sniffed her again to see if she was in heat since it was around that time, but unfortunately for him, she wasn’t, yet he was still happy that she was there. When they finished, the dog’s owner finally took notice. “Woah! Tobes! Don’t do anything I’ll have to take blame for!”

That’s when Kyle had joined them. “Oh, I’m sorry! Was she any trouble? She’s usually very good and always right beside me!” As he talked, Kyle clicked on her leash incase she ever thought of running off again. He then turned to face the owner. “Kyle? I didn’t know you got a dog!”  Kyle smiled and blushed seeing it was his friend Lyla and her German Shepherd Toby, who she always nicknamed Tobes. “Uh yeah, I just got her yesterday at the fair!” They talked about different things including pet care, and for a moment, Kyle thought about telling Lyla what he had noticed about Elana and about the dreams, but felt something telling him not to. All the while, Elana and Toby were having a little conversation of their own. So, you live with my mistress’s friend now?  Maybe you can come over some time when you’re in the mood and maybe we could, you know, have a litter… Elana looked away and up to Kyle. Kyle had paused his conversation as he could feel what their conversation is about. “Uh, I gotta go... My parents want me home kinda quick… W-we should talk later!” Lyla gave a crooked smile, with a hint of awkwardness and waved as Kyle heading out to get Elana’s tag.

“Are you seriously thinking about taking his offer?” He asked quietly. Elana looked down almost as if she was embarrassed. Well… It’s not like us female animals have much of a choice… Elana whined. Kyle did a double take and stopped walking. He looked around to see if anyone was around and luckily there wasn’t. “I… I actually understood you! I-I mean, I always had a feeling when you told me things, but I actually heard you this time! What does this mean?! Can I hear this with every dog now? How is this possible?” Elana then tried to say ‘I don’t know,’ and shook her head, but Kyle only felt her trying to tell him. He lowered his head, a little disappointed and knew that they should be heading back. Once home Kyle and Elana ran to Kyle’s room and he began writing more things and questions in his journal. After, he decided it was time for a walk. When they reached the door, Kyle took out a bag dispenser and a new leash, and clipped it on Elana’s collar.

“I know you’re usually a good girl, but I don’t want to take any chances… I know you haven’t been spayed yet, and I don’t know the exact moment you’ll be in heat, but since there’s something about us that I can’t explain, I want to make sure that you are ok with it as well… So… Are you? I mean with being ok about getting spayed?” Elana knew that she would cause trouble the longer she wasn't, but at the same time, she wanted to have at least one litter and Toby’s offer would help her achieve it fast. She shook her head. If she was going to be spayed, she wanted at least one litter first. Kyle sighed, feeling her desire and reason and both left for their walk. They stopped here are there before heading into the back of the fair. When the fair wasn’t on the grounds it was a really big dog park that was gated all around. Kyle knew that Lyla would be there soon if she wasn’t already. He would often go with her since being with her and Toby was the closest to owning a dog himself, so he knew that it would feel even better actually having one there.  Once they made it in, he closed the gate and turned to Elana whispering. “Please Elana, behave yourself… At least try, I don’t want you to have a litter yet. For now anyway, because my parents just only agreed to having you, I don’t want to overwhelm them… “ Elana nodded and bolted to play once she was unhooked.

As he watched, Kyle smiled seeing Elana having tons of fun, as she played tag and tug-o-war. There were a few times when Kyle almost intervened sensing that some dogs were trying to get on her tail, but then saw that it was just a long introduction, and then he heard a familiar voice. “Ky! Long time no see!” Kyle smiled as she came closer. “Let me unclip Tobes and then I want to tell you something.” Kyle felt nervous at her words, but gave a smirk and nodded. Once she unclipped him, she grabbed Kyle’s hand and they ran towards the far end of the park where only dogs usually walked around. She blushed almost as if she were about to tell him a secret and then took a deep breath. “Ky? I- um.. I think I… Look, I like you… I know it’s summer and it’s almost over and you’re planning to move into an apartment or townhouse or something during winter break, but I just wanted to finally tell you. Ever since you moved here and my family got Tobes, I saw something in you that spoke to me… I don't really know of what it was, but ever since then, I wanted to be your friend… and hopefully your girlfriend.” Kyle began turning bright red. He had felt the same way, of wanting to be her friend and then hopefully, her boyfriend.

He had felt that way for a long time, and he was sure that this was what he wanted, but ever since getting Elana, he felt awkward around her, like he wasn’t sure he wanted that disire anymore… Deep inside he still wanted to be with her, but something inside stopped him from doing anything except to look down. Lyla figured this must have meant that he didn’t feel the same, but she also wanted to see if she could some how change his mind… She closed her eyes and leaned forward. Kyle opened his eyes wide as he felt her lips on his. As impossible as it was, he blushed even harder and felt his heart pounding faster and faster. His feeling before he got Elana returned and he wrapped his arms around her. She did the same and both of them dropped to the floor. They broke from their kiss, breathing heavily and then Kyle began giving her little pecks and moved down her neck. Lyla giggled at his touch, and Kyle smiled as she responded positively. Then suddenly, Kyle felt the need to kiss differently. He leaned close to her and began giving her gentle licks to her cheeks. At first she thought that the kissing came from a dog that found them, but then Lyla felt as if the tongue of the dog felt different than usual dogs. She then opened her eyes and widened them as she saw that Kyle was the one licking her.

“Kyle! What are you doing?!” Kyle broke it off as if he was hypnotized and realized what he was doing. “AH! Oh- Oh my God! I’m- I’m so sorry! I gotta go. He then ran as fast as he could and clipped Elana’s collar. Elana surprised as the pace, tried to keep up with him and soon they made it safely to their house. As soon as they got inside, Kyle dropped the leash and ran into his room. “What the hell is wrong with me?!” He wrote a little more in his journal about what happened and then jumped to lie on his bed. Elana walked to him and rested her head on the mattress. What’s wrong master? “Oh no… I can hear you again!” He whined. He felt as if something even more unusual would happen, but fortunately for the rest of the night, it was uneventful. Kyle sighed as it was now time for bed. He knew that he would have another weird dream again, but at this point he didn’t care anymore, he just hoped that sometime soon, he would finally get answers to why this was happening to him.

This time he had two dreams. He woke up in the living room again and made his way up to his bed where his human self was sleeping and jumped up. He sniffed around and found his face again and did what he had done in the last dream getting the same result, only this time, his human self got up with closed eyes and began sniffing his backside. After that, he had fallen back to sleep and then woke to another dream where he was at the dog park, except he was in Toby’s body! He watched his mistress Lyla smile as she found his human self and call out to him. “Ky! Long time no see! Let me unclip Tobes and then I want to tell you something.” As Kyle turned to see Elana, he felt his member peaking from his sheath and walked over to her. He sniffed and had a little conversation with her. So Elana, what do you think? Will you do it when you come over? I can smell that you’re almost there! I’ll try to somehow get my mistress to let you guys come. My mistress is usually by herself all day, because her parents are very busy… We could go to the den. There’s a secret place that I found where my masters don’t go. We could do it there. Elana looked down and even barked a bit as other male dogs were checking to see if she was in heat. Can you guys leave me alone? Some backed off and left, but others came back. She said leave! Kyle barked and the rest of the dogs left.

Hey, let’s go to where our masters are, I think I overheard my mistress talking about confessing that she’s got puppy love for yours.  Elana left quickly and whined. What?! When they reached Kyle’s human body, they were already on the ground kissing. Elana looked shocked and ran back to the other dogs, but Kyle stayed to watch. Then Kyle looked in shock as he saw his human self starting to gently licking his mistress. He was about to growl and then pounce on him when he heard his mistress yelling at his body. “Kyle! What are you doing?!” He stopped as he saw his human self apologize and run. He then looked back at Lyla and watched as she had begun to tear up. “What the heck were you trying to do?” She whispered. Kyle then walked over to her and licked her palm. “Oh, Tobes… I don’t know whats happened to him… It was like he was becoming an animal! I kind of liked it, but that’s kinda weird… Uh, Let’s just go home… ” Kyle then woke up from his dreams with a bolt. “Oh, wow! I don’t know what the heck is going on, but at least that dream helped me a little… Lyla might not hate me as much as I thought, but still… What was wrong with me yesterday? And- W-who controls my human body at night?” 




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