James Second Chance

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 28th, 2016


Criminal is transformed by a store manager to be gicen another chance on realizing the meaning of life (I guess... :/ That or just being able to have a better life idk)


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Note from the author: Just letting you guys know, though I have been a little descripted in sex before, I'm not used to writing or typeing (whatever) many curse words or pretty vulgar words. So in the future, most of my stories won't be like this.

Let's begin!

Ha! Those shitheads never knew what hit ‘em! You know, a life of crime never felt so rewarding when the victim practically gave you what you were after… I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is James Masters, or Two S as I called myself. I’m 33, pretty rugged looking, but I’d kill ya all if you think I look anything uglier than average… I had been living this life since that cheat, ass hat, fired me, I mean Assent. Yeah! That was his actual name, believe it or not… Anyways, I was actually a very hard worker, but the boss was always up my ass about every little thing. One day he went too far and framed me at work for stealing a little bit of the supplies. The other coworkers believed his crap even though they knew I wouldn’t do this kind of stuff at the time, so when he said those fateful words to fire me, I knew that he would get his. Of course, being the nice person I was back then, I just waited for something on the news about some injury or death, but nothing came for days…

Finally, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I don’t regret my decision even now. My car. His head. You put ‘em together… So after that, my life of crime began, I knew what I was doing, I mean, I was only 26 at the time, and I watched many shows about almost getting away with things, so I practically was the best there ever was. Now, my latest work, which is where my life is now... I had a tip from a friend that these people were giving away checks to people that helped them move their stuff a little, to which I knew from the money said, they were loaded. I dressed myself pretty well so that none of the passersbys would ever suspect it was me. I got there at the time discussed and did what I was told, but you know I wouldn’t just be a good boy doing what the high end society tells me, so of course I took what I could see was valuable and hid it in the long pockets of my clothes and was undetected the entire time.

After, I smiled and said goodbye as I drove back to my hidden apartment just outside the city. Now, all of this shit is mine! I wasn’t dumb though, so I overlooked everything one more time and sorted what I knew was valuable and what I could tell was fake or worthless. Once I finished, I dumped them all in separate bags and hid them from sight as I changed appearances. I knew I looked better than any scum on the street, and once I finished my other disguise, I headed out and went to my usual buyer. When I made it there though, the store, which was usually empty, had at least five people in it today. “Psst, S.” I looked to see it was my friend, who had tipped me about the family. “Did you bust them?” I knew that he would want at least some of the money, which I didn’t care usually, but this time, something told me to keep it a secret. “Sorry, I thought you were lying… besides, I don’t want to become too careless…” He bought it and left me to grab my spoils, but then my next challenge came to me.

“Hey Jeeves… how ya been? Did you stumble upon any new today?” I nodded and told them that I heard of a cave with abandoned expenses. To which he believed, since I told him the first time I met him, I was a rock climber that explored many caves and nooks. He smiled as he saw both bags, but then frowned. “I’m sorry…” He headed into the backroom, leaving me confused at what the hell he was doing and why he apologized, when an old man entered the desk. “So… you must be Jeeves…” He said sarcastically, with air quotes on my alias. He then squinted his eyes at me and smiled. “I know exactly who you are. You are no longer welcomed in my son’s shop!” I knew there were people still in the shop, but I didn’t care about them. Quickly, I grabbed the bags, stuffed them in my trench coat pockets, and made an effort to grab my gun. Before another movement could happen, the man pointed what looked like a emerald encrusted mini cane.

“Don’t you dare move another inch! If you choose the wrong path again James, you shall finally get yours!” I laughed, obviously drawing attention of the crowd, but as I turned to face the people round me I looked on in shock as everyone was as still as a statue. “Wh- What the hell did you do?” The geezer only smiled and quietly spoke, “So, do you now understand my threat?” Seeing the whole world around us frozen, I knew that this man meant business and that he could do anything to me. I nodded, actually scared for the first time in my criminal life, but something in me wouldn’t back down, and I managed to grip my gun and aim it at him as his guard lowered. “Sorry, but not sorry. I’ve taken many valuable things and you think a life is any different? I might not be a big killer, but I could always start!” As I made a move to pull the trigger, the man beat me and waved his cane thing. When he finished, the gun disappeared leaving me dumbfounded.

“I see your intentions will only grow more and more reckless, and I see a very dark future for you… Unless you learn an important lesson, you won’t change and not see the true worth of living.” He looked into my eyes, almost as if he was looking inside of me, and then he frowned again. “Ahhh, I see that you haven’t always had the best of luck, and you were such a good man before that day… Please don’t blame the entire human race just because you had one jack ass in your life.” As he talked, I looked over his attire. He did look as if he ran the store very enthusiastically, but even with his medieval getup, nothing represented him better than his cane. If I was lucky, and got my revenge on him, I could probably keep this thing for myself, but as I thought of this, the man scowled at me. “I see… maybe you need more than a little chat… I know just what to do with you! Prepare to lose things that you care about the most!” His emerald flashed, becoming too bright, even on a sunny day like today. I closed my eyes as a funny feeling came over me. He laughed and once the sensation stopped, I opened my eyes to an alleyway.

“What the hell was that? Was I dreaming?” As I reached into my coat, I felt my pockets empty of the loot I stole, and knew that it must’ve not been a dream, and that the man probably gave the people their stuff. I then began heading to my apartment when the first abnormality hit me. I walked towards the public park when all of a sudden, my stomach writhed in excruciating pain. “AHHHHH!! SHIT! FUCK!” I fell and rolled on the ground grabbing my body. It hurt as if my insides were rearranging themselves and even shrunk or grew in some areas. Luckily there wasn’t anyone around, except for a stray dog. Normally, I hated animals, but this guy came pretty quickly and began licking my face, making me feel a little better. I tried to pet him when he tugged at my sweat-drenched clothing. Soon, my stomach became exposed and I noticed in shock as it was changing from sorta big to skinny and narrow, giving me a feminine look. “Aw, fuck… Now, they’re going to call me the girly man… At least I look hot. Maybe, yes! I feel it!”

I felt my dick get hard, as I thought about my body, but then I felt my eyes enlarge as I realized something was wrong in my pants… I quickly ran towards my abandoned apartment and didn’t stop until I was inside. The dog followed, but I didn’t care, I mean, my manhood was the only thing I cared about at the moment. When I closed the door, the dog squirmed his way inside through a pretty big hole and began barking at me, almost like it expected me to feed it. “I don’t have anything for you! Buzz off stupid!” Of course being a dog, he didn’t understand me, so I tried to ignore him. I tried as fast as I could to get everything off me, and when I was finally down to nothing, that’s when I realized something was definitely wrong… I saw my penis was about a few inches shorter and that it kept shrinking. I flushed real hard as small waves of pleasure passed through my body and as I looked down at the dog, there was something about him that seemed almost… sexy.

“What the fuck?! Why the hell am I thinking about the dog like this?!” The dog was a husky, and by the look of him, he wasn’t that well kept, but he still looked a little handsome… Ugh… but I’m not gay… I mean I didn’t think I was, but this dog, looked so beastly! I felt my body lower to all fours and felt a pinch on my backside. I turned my head and looked on in horror as a hairless tail made it’s way out of my pants curling slightly. I had to get up, I needed to get this dog away from me before anymore sexy thoughts make me have sex with this beast… As I thought about it, the more I began feeling hot, and I even started panting! The dog then came up to me sniffing the sweat on my face and began licking me.

I tried to resist, but soon enough, I was licking back! Eventually I stopped. “What the hell? Get away from me dog!” I tried to swat him away with my pa- I mean hand. 'I’m human!' I kept thinking to myself, 'I have hands!' but as I looked down, my hand was becoming more and more like paws…  I tried not to look, and remembered about my small dick. When I looked back where it was however, I gulped… It wasn’t there anymore… I tried to cry, but instead, small whimpers bursted through my mouth, which seemed to push away from my face, along with my nose, becoming a muzzle. I shook myself, trying to wake up from this cruel dream. “Corrrr roowwrrr” I widened my changing eyes. I couldn’t speak… I had a tail… I was becoming a bitch… Me, the best damn thief there ever was in this town was becoming nothing more than a bitch.

I knew the changes wouldn’t stop so I decided to just watch as the changes progress. My arms and legs just became legs and hind legs of a dog, my ears shifted to the top of my head and became pointy… At least, I think they did, I couldn't really see it… Anyways, My muzzle was finished and I felt my sense of smell become greater which I thought was kinda cool, my tongue was long and my teeth were fit for a dog, in fact, I think I was all bitch now… I felt my nipples bud sending more small waves of pleasure through me, and as I looked over myself, I then begun feeling itchy. I knew even before seeing them sprout that my fur was coming out… I gnawed a little, since my claws looked sharp, to relieve myself slightly as the itching became worse. Soon, I was done and I quickly ran to my mirror to see what I became. I didn’t think things like this ever happened…

I looked like the husky here, but a little different… Maybe I was an akita… I think that’s what they’re called… Then I remembered about handsome beside me. He began licking my new dog vagina, making me shiver with pleasure. I wanted it to stop, but then another part of me wanted more. I couldn’t take it and begun licking his cock. His penis presented itself to me and no one had to ask me twice, I licked that puppy up! It wasn’t long before our tongue messages made us lose control. The next thing I knew, was my already out of the way tail cocked to the side and soon the beast mounted me. I wanted him, I didn’t care if I was never changing back into a human, I just wanted his dick inside my wet pussy. I whimpered at the pleasure, but I guess this sexy dog on me thought that meant I was hesitant and nipped on my neck, keeping me still.

Keep still! He seemed to yell. I did my best to meet his expectations until it happened. I shivered as his penis finally found the hole and slid it in. I felt filled, like I was empty all of my life and I finally got my missing piece. He began teasing me by sliding his dick in and out, and then the movement quickened. My tongue lolled out as the pleasure increased. Believe it or not, I only had sex one other time in my life, before I became a thief. We had something for a while, and coincidentally, we broke up the same day I got fired, but when we had sex, I never thought that any feeling could top that! Oh, God am I happy I was wrong! Soon, my limit was reached and I orgasmed… When I came to, I looked around, realizing that it was all-real and that handsome still wasn’t finished. All of a sudden, it was like his dick was a pipe and a clog began pushing into me. It was nothing I ever imagined and I even almost orgasmed again!

Soon, it made contact with my ass and after a great shove, his dick released a jet load of sperm into my ever lubricated vagina. That’s when both of us howled in unison. It was like we exploded and all there was left were waves of ecstasy. When both of us came to, we looked back at each other. He licked my muzzle and I licked his. Thank you… I never felt more alive… the beast gave me a smirk and licked me a little more before turning around, tied by his knot. When it shrank, it a few more minutes before I felt another itch and we were at it again.  The next day I woke up on my side, and stretched as I got up on my paws. Yawning, I looked around, but my mate was gone. “Barrrr bark!” Mate? Where are you? I walked around until I smelt his scent on the ground. I followed what smelled like a recent scent and squeezed through the same hole on my door where my mate had come through.

I knew since we had sex like five times, that I was most likely pregnant with his litter, but I was worried that I might never see my mate again. If I was going to stay a dog forever, I didn’t want our pups to grow without their father… I mean I don’t know the first thing about being a woman or a dog, let alone a mother… I continued following my mate’s scent until I came to the park where I had found him the time I was beginning to transform when he smelled close. As I finally found him, my tail drooped and my ears folded back. He was cheating on me with some other bitch! I felt jealous and angry that, that bastard could do this to me when he was so nice to me! Then I realized I was just probably in heat, and I still was. I knew that I wanted him again, and didn’t care if he was with a lab or any other dog. When they were finished, I would take him back!

When his knot shrank, I made my entrance and growled at them. How could you do this to me? I thought you cared! The other bitch surprisingly tried to stand against me.  You and every other dog you flea bag! I growled more, to which she managed to match, and we even tussled a bit, but when we looked back, our mate had gone and she decided to leave to find another male stray. Since I didn’t know what to do as a dog, I looked for him again. When I found him again, he was fucking another bitch! What the hell? They broke off, as if they had finished and my mate was about to escape when I caught up to him. I was still in heat, so instead of talking to him like some rational girl would to her boyfriend, I immediately began licking his sheath until his penis poked out and became an erection. When we finished, we licked each other clean and my mate fell asleep. I rested over him and when he woke up, he licked me, like he was back to caring about me… It was strange, this dog language…

I licked him back and got up. He looked as if he were about to leave, and even if he was going to fuck another bitch, I was going to follow him. He, instead of what I thought, began to urinate near a tree, I had almost forgotten about doing business strangely and when I saw, I felt as if I had never gone and needed to piss and shit really bad! When I finished, my mate went over my mess. Somehow I knew this meant that he established being the alpha in this relationship… When we finished, we headed towards an abandoned pond. It looked pretty polluted and I knew I had sorta bad water, but I knew it was better than this, so when my mate began lapping the water and looked at me to follow, I felt hesitant, but eventually, I drank. It wasn’t that bad, but I wondered how mine tasted. Why did you come here after staying at my place yesterday? My mate licked my muzzle and answered. I didn’t know it was yours, and besides, I like walking on the grass. It’s got the best spots to piss. I laughed, actually finding it believable.

After, we walked towards my apartment and drank real water, to which it really was better than expected! When we had our fill of water, we headed back to the park on the more abandoned side, and fucked some more. A few weeks, and many bitches, including me weren’t in heat anymore. Still, I tried to get him in the mood, but it wasn’t the same, though very enjoyable. I learned after my first full day as a dog that my mate called himself Jake. Jake and I would wake up together and drink at my apartment, and then walk to the park, to piss, eat our breakfast and play till dinner. We would also drink a little from the pond, and then piss or shit again before heading back to my apartment. Soon, it became routine and thinking in general didn’t really seem that necessary. Instead, I just did things and let my animal instincts take over. A few months later, my stomach budged and my nipples became big teats, ready for my first litter. Then the day arrived, and since I still felt comfortable at my apartment, I had them there… It was pretty painful, almost like you were constipated, but horribly worse.

I whimpered as they moved and were coming, but maternal instincts kept me going, and helped me groomed them and lead them to my teats to suckle. They were five total, two of them, were my little studs… They were all little angels and I love them very much. As they nursed, I licked them a lot, telling them how much I loved them through my kisses. I knew mothers really cared about their babies, but the way I felt about my pups, almost made me think I was obsessed with them. Every morning, I would nurse them, and a few hours later, I would gladly nurse them again. The first boy was called Jake after his father, then there was Annie, Daisy, Bear, and Penny. Sometimes my pups and I would talk, much like my mate and I since I let instincts take over. After a few weeks, they weaned from me and would get into mischief around the apartment.

I knew they wanted to explore and decided to take them to the park with Jake this time, knowing that if I kept my eye on them, they would be safe. It was going well and my pups were behaving like angels, when all of a sudden, I realized that Jake was missing from the litter, so I told my pups to stay by a bush that was next to us and they nodded. I hoped that they understood and licked them incase anything happened and ran sniffing Jake’s scent. When I found him, I nipped on his neck and carried him back telling him how scared I was. Sorry mom… I just smelt something, and so I wanted to find out what it was… I sighed knowing that pups, just like babies were always curious. That’s ok son, just please let me know about it… if any humans catch you, we’ll be taken away, and we might get separated…

Jake nodded and soon we met up with my other pups and they were all accounted for. Later on, they began whimpering and whining about being hungry. My mate, unfortunately, wasn’t around, and by what I could feel about myself, I knew that the heat season was very close, I almost thought about having a new litter and living with them and my pups, smiling at the thought. I nodded and told them to stay put. Jake you’re in charge. Need I remind you of what we talked about? If a human does come then please keep close to the ground and don’t move or make a sound! All of them nodded, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that something would happen, so I licked their muzzles and left for food. I ran to my apartment and looked to see if I kept anything there recently, and then looked around until I found what looked to be a roasted chicken. It was eaten, but there was just enough for my pups. Quickly, I grabbed the chicken, and bolted for the park, but when I got there, there were already humans around.

Forgetting any logic, I ran straight there, worried that they spotted my pups and were taking them away. “Ah look! That must be the mother!” I growled at them, while they made futile efforts to show that they meant no harm, but I heard my pups whining in the distance. Moooommmyy!! I knew the only way was to get captured too so we could be together I pretended that I didn’t know what they were saying and began barking towards where I heard my pups. “She must know her pups are in trouble! Come on girl, you can trust us!” I sniffed their hands, which smelled ok… I guess, and let them put a makeshift collar and leash on me and walked with them to where my pups were. They all came to me and snuggled, relieved that I was there with them and I nuzzled them. We’re sorry mommy… the humans somehow saw us and they were speaking something, but I didn’t understand and now, we’re probably going to be separated… I licked Jake’s muzzle as well as my other pups and smiled. It’s okay my pups, I’ll find a way to keep us together, although, I’m sure your father will be sad to find that he might not see us again…

When we went to our stop, they were about to take Penny and I growled. The man jumped and then talked with his friends. “Um I have a feeling, that she wants to be with her pups…” this time we were put in this crate, and were taken by rolling table to a place where we would be groomed. I knew what would happen here, so I was less upset and let my pups and I get our shots and get groomed. Soon we were in cages again, but I was happy that I managed to keep us together. The next day however, people were walking around and looking at other dogs including us. The instant that I heard little children, I knew what was happening, and I knew there was nothing I could do, I didn’t want to hurt children… I guess I grew too soft… I mean even if I wasn’t I would probably be put to sleep if I bit anyone, so for the whole day, kids would come by our pen, and my pups would act happy seeing the kids, not knowing what was happening.

Then, they said it… “Mommy? Daddy? Can I get this one?” The parents nodded and took the first of what would be the adopting of my pups… Mommy? What’s happening? Daisy squirmed and came to me. “It looks like she’s saying goodbye, dear.” The mom said with a smile. Daisy, listen… I know what I said, but there’s nothing I can do… These humans are your new family now. Please be a good pup and listen to them, even if you don’t understand, please be good! Daisy nodded and licked me. I licked back and nudged her to her family. Next, were my two boys, together, luckily for them, and I told them the same, along with my last two pups. Then it was just me all alone, when I suddenly remembered what that old man said… “Prepare to lose things that you care about the most.” ‘So it was the old geezer…’ I thought to myself. I had lost everything… I was alone with nothing and no one… It was the first time since losing my job that I began crying… I whimpered and whined until I heard a familiar voice. “Do you understand? The value of life? The value of family? I know that I would have been the second person you killed, but I could tell that you wouldn’t have stopped”

I looked up to see the man and walked up to the gate to face him. He knelt and began scratching and petting me. It felt good, and I didn’t care if he saw my tail wag. When I gave birth to my litter, I was too used to being a dog and grew too soft. “So, Now that you’ve learned of loss, and hopefully will be a better person, I’ll let you decide what you want. Do you want to turn back into your old self? I can destroy any past crimes and let you start fresh!” I thought about it. I mean at the beginning, turning back was all I wanted and starting fresh sounded amazing! Now… I just wanted to stay a dog. Too many things have happened, too many memories were made since my transformation. I don’t care if I grew to forget who I was, that I was a guy. All I wanted and cared about, were my mate and my pups. I shook my head and the man smiled. “Ok then… I never thought you would turn to like this life, but if you want to stay, then I’ll let you stay in this form, but I can tell that there is something that you want, so if you don’t mind…”

I nodded and looked into his eyes as he looked at mine. “Ah… I’m sorry to say that I cannot help with letting you keep your litter, but I know of a way to keep you safe from future dangers and ever coming into this place again!” Immediately I felt better and stood up with my tail wagging rapidly. “Bark! Bark!!” He pet my head and told the people that he wanted me. Soon I became the man’s permanent guard dog at his son’s pawn shop. Ironic, I know, but I did my best to protect my- uh, master… Anyways, after he adopted me, he found my mate who was of course having sex with another female dog… typical of him… My master also kept him, to which my mate was happy to have a home and food with no danger. With my help, he settled in quite nicely and had both of us had a few litters before being fixed. We kept a few pups to which I was happy about; a boy and a girl. I think back to when my change all started from time to time, and sometimes even miss being human a little, but I have no regrets, and would never consider changing back, not even if you gave me all the money in the world.


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