Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A girl who moves into an new neighbourhood that has been forgettable to people finds a friend and makes a choice to change her life (wow... much cheesy, such cliche description)


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Before I continue on with my story, I just want to tell you that everything I’m about to tell you, is absolutely true. I have no pleasure in lying to you so don’t think other wise.

I, Becky, was an ordinary person. A short, but big girl, or rather, a woman in my twenties… or am I in my thirties now… It’s been a while since I had a grasp on time or used that name…

Since I was born, two things that I have loved were nature and animals. It all started with watching Disney movies. I noticed as I watched many of them that my favorite ones were the movies that had dogs or other canines in them. At the time my family started out like many new families. We were made of my parents, my little sister Miranda, and me. Though we didn’t really have much, my parents tried to make it up by planning many fun moments and trips. After a while, mom and dad had announced to us that they had enough for us to move into a modest house!

We were all really excited, but as we looked at the many options, only one really stood out for me… It was a nice light blue house with burgundy shutters, and a solid fence on each side. It looked nice enough, but as we made our way to the back, being the nature lover that I was, I gasped as I saw that just beyond the clearing of our backyard, it turned into a forest! At that point, I was absolutely in love with this house, but of course, I wasn’t the one buying it. “Mommy! Daddy! Can we get this house?!” They gave me a smile, but as the host came, they changed their expression.

“So are you all happy? It’s around $250,000, so it should be in your budget. Do you have any questions, concerns?” My dad was the one to break the silence. “Yes, this place has fence all around, except for here where this forest is… I want to know. How big is this place, does it have dangerous animals?” The man chuckled. “ No sir, the forest has been searched multiple times, and no threatening animals have been found, but if you’re still a little unsure, here is a map.” Mom and dad then took the map and we all looked, and even though I was unhappy with the size of the forest, I was still happy there was one. Eventually, we did end up picking that house, but as we got settled our first problem began to show up. “Honey! The trash is all over the back porch!”

“Damn… Look’s like we have raccoons… We need to get lids on these containers.” Eventually, they didn’t come back, but a new problem quickly presented itself… Well, at least for me anyway. Since we moved in, mom and dad became really busy so they could have enough and maintain payments on the house. Miranda who was 6, after a few weeks, became pretty popular with the neighborhood kids. She was soon asked out to play everyday. I, who was 7 on the other hand, had found myself alone at home very often. From when school finished to when mom and dad had come back just in time to have dinner and before we went to bed and had to go back to school the next day. The first time I realized my problem, Miranda was out with her friends again and I was alone in the living room. I was watching TV for a while, until I felt bored, so I turned it off. “Miran-” As I looked around I noticed that it was earlier than it usually was when I got bored of television, and looked at the clock.

I still had a few hours till anyone came home, so I went out into the backyard and took a seat on the stairs of the porch. I smiled as I saw the forest, feeling like I was watching a different type of television, when I suddenly felt a pulling sensation almost as if someone or something wanted me to head into the forest. I hesitated at first, but as I came closer, I noticed that there were some trails leading into the forest. Becoming more curious, I picked one of them that seemed to be the most prominent and started walking. As I looked around me, the forest was becoming more and more dense. Even the trail was becoming less visible. A part of me felt that I should have turned back home for now, but another part of me that was filled with curiosity and adventure overpowered me.

A little ways away, I stumbled upon a creak and sat for a while. I smiled as I watch the light reflect off the water and even watched minnows and tadpoles swim along the small current. After a minute or so, I decided to head more into the woods. When it was finally getting a little dark, I was at what seemed like a dead end, and was about to head back, when I heard a voice. Are you lost pup? I looked around, wondering fearfully who was talking to me and why it was calling me a pup. “He- Hello? Who-o Who’s there?” The voice then spoke again. A friend of the forest… I help keep balance here. Soon I spotted glowing golden eyes that seemed almost inhuman. At any other circumstance, I would’ve ran! I mean, this was a stranger, and an unsettling one at that. Somehow though, I felt that I was protected and safe with this person around. His voice was smooth and velvety. It sounded old like an adult, but it also sounded younger than my parents.

Almost as if there was something else present, my legs gave, forcing me to sit. “Why don’t you show yourself? Are you a bad person?” The voice laughed. No pup, but some think I am. I also cannot show myself, for you are a stranger. Beings just like you have destroyed my territories and searched for more of my kind just to drag us away or spill our blood. I must hide for my protection. Since I was young, I didn’t know much of what he meant or was talking about, but still I talked with him feeling like I understood him in another sense. “Can you tell me your name at least?" My name is Remir, pup. “How old are you?” He didn’t sound annoyed or angry with all of my questions, but his answer for my last question sounded frightening. I have lived a very long time… I guess you can say that I’m timeless… May I ask why you have come here? I looked down remembering my feeling of loneliness. “I don’t know if I should tell you anything, but honestly, I came into this beautiful place, because I was… I was alone. I have found myself this way on many occasions lately, and I thought that I should set off and see what I could do for the time being today…”

Remir paused and then spoke in a sad tone. You… You are alone? Even within the company of your pack? I looked questionably in his choice of words, but nodded. “Yes… I usually play with myself after I’m finished with schoolwork, but today, something lead me here… as if I was meant to do something. I don’t feel that way now, but I did when I looked at this place…” Remir didn’t say anything, but as I looked at his eyes, they looked as if he was smiling.  I then looked up at the sky and realized how late it was. “Oh my gosh! I-I have to go. Can I come back here? You seem really nice.” Remir laughed again. Yes, you may… Come during the same time. I will be waiting. Happily, I made my way back home, and soon, it became a routine thing. Everyday, we found something to talk about, and everyday at the end of our time with one another, I would ask him the same thing.

“Will you ever allow me to see you Remir?” He would always give a chuckle and tell me that it wasn’t time yet, but after a month of seeing each other, his tone sounded hopeful… Hmm, maybe… You have shown me much compassion and listened to all that I’ve said without judgement… I’ll tell you what. If you keep this up for another week, I’ll reveal myself to you, but be warned, for you might be shocked by my appearance. I gave a wide smile, and nodded as I took my leave. At the end of the week I made my way towards Remir’s and my spot feeling hopeful, when I spotted a black dog with its paw caught in a roped snare. I felt really bad for it, since I loved animals, especially dogs, so I walked close by, until I looked closer and realized that it was actually a black wolf! For as long as I could remember, my absolute favorite animals were wolves, so when I realized it was one, my heart pounded so hard that I felt as if it was about to explode. “Oh my gosh!!! I never thought I’d ever see a wolf! I guess the forest is bigger than that man thought!”

Even though I absolutely loved wolves, I knew that it was be dangerous to be near one, so I cautiously made my way closer incase it might attack me. “I-it’s ok puppy. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” But like every animal in a desperate situation, it still continued to struggle out of the trap. When I was close enough, I waited till it was calm enough for me to help it. Once it was, I made my way to the rope and began biting at it since it was the only thing I could think of. After a few snaps, the rope had ripped and as fast as I could, I ran to a safe hidden place incase it tried to hurt me in any way. I hoped that it would appreciate what I did, and that it would go to where it belonged. Then I heard a familiar voice. Thank you pup, I was headed over to our spot, when this snare came out of nowhere. I was too careless so I didn’t think to sense it. “Remir? Is that really you? You’re a wolf!” He nodded, smiling as he licked my cheek. “How are you able to speak to me if you’re a wolf?”

With a sigh in his ‘voice,’ he looked down. A long time ago, I was just a year old and I was looking for a pack to call my own. One day I met this being, which looked similar to you. It gave off an unpleasant scent and his actions told me that he was threatening me, so I stood my ground and tried to defend myself. That’s when he eventually got me to follow him. Eventually we stopped at a lake in this area. He then acted as if he was never injured at all and beat me down until I was close to death. Remir looked down and growled, remembering the pain of loss and his physical pain of the past. I felt really bad for him and tried hugging him to cheer him up. He smiled and licked my cheek a few times. Thank you pup… “Why do you call me pup? I mean I’m older than a baby…” Remir chuckled and licked my cheek more, making me giggle. I know that you are still young, so that is why I call you pup… Now, after we had fought, the being had mysteriously disappeared. With no other dangers in sight, I knew I was safe for now, but little did I know… The minute I lapped up the water, I would be cursed and blessed for the rest of my days…

I looked at him questionably. “What do you mean?” Well… The moment I swallowed the lake’s water, I had gained a numerous amount of knowledge. I could think about things the way that you do I guess. Usually my kind would just go on instinct, which I’m still able to do and I can go back and forth any time I want, but I think that I have lived a safer life because of it, and I can sort of speak to beings like you. That I know for sure is a blessing, but my curse turned became my endless days living here… I can be killed like you can, but without any threat, I am stuck at the same age as I have been the day I met that being… After I realized what had happened, I have looked all over this area for them, but it was like both the being and the lake had disappeared… I’ll never forget that day, but I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever find any of them again… His story, made me think of what he must have felt like all of this time since his curse. “You’ve been all alone? For how long?” Remir shook his head. It’s been many years, I haven’t kept track, but it doesn’t really matter, because you are here now. You have shown me kindness and have done more than I have ever thought that a being could do for creatures like me.

He licked my nose this time, making me feel happy that I could make him happy. Since today you have saved my life from a possible predator, I want to give you a gift. When I was given my gift and curse, the being came to me in a dream one night and told me that one day, someone would save my life, and that they would receive a gift of their own. Laughing a little, I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, sure. I’m just happy that you’re safe Remir! You’ve kept me company as well! I really like you!” He licked my nose again as if telling me he liked me as well. After, he then proceeded to tell me that the gift would open at a later time. I know that when you reach a certain age, it will finally open, though, I’m not sure when. I nodded, understanding, and kept visiting him everyday. Years had soon past and I was 17 years old with no sign of my present anywhere, so I sighed with impatience. Things were the same at home with everyone out of the house, and at school where everyone would forget about me. I had again felt that life in society was too much as my family and I had our dinner. Mom and dad were talking about work and the stress of traffic while Miranda was texting and talking away on her phone.

I looked and noticed how content they looked. ‘They probably wouldn’t even notice if I left the house and visited Remir right now…’ After a minute of their continued actions, I took my leave and walked out. The door was completely made of glass and slid to the side to open. When I looked back, I hadn’t noticed any differences, so I continued out towards Remir’s and my spot. So you have returned! And twice in one day! He came from his usual hiding spot and curled up on the ground. I rested my head on his body and began feeling sleepy. “Remir… Can I sleep here tonight?” He nodded and licked my cheek. You are always welcomed here young one… You have grown so much and yet you have stuck by me all these years. I kissed his cheek and felt my eyes drift. Sleepily I spoke, “Will you tell me a story?” He chuckled and nodded. Once upon a time… Soon after a few sentences, I had passed out.

The next morning, Remir woke me up, giving a few gentle licks to my forehead. Wake up sleepy… Your family is probably worried about you. Blinking a few times, I smiled as I woke and stretched before I kissed Remir’s head. “Good morning Remir! To tell you the truth, I don’t think that they did notice…” Well, either way, you should be with your family… Family is very important and you may not always be with them. It’s better to spend as much time with them as possible. I sighed, but nodded as I headed out. “I’ll see you later then…” Remir nodded, and then rushed towards some bushes behind our resting area. When I got back I opened the sliding glass door and made my way back to my room where I spent getting ready for the day. Miranda was already out with some friends, and mom and dad were at work, but as I looked around the house, I found a note.


Dear Miranda and Becky,

Tonight we need to talk to you… Please make sure that you are in the living room at 3. I know that it’s early, but it’s something very important.

Love mom and dad


I read it a few times and looked at the clock. It was weird that mom and dad were coming so early since they usually got home at least at eight, so I thought that maybe they did care about me! Maybe I was just being angsty and it was all in my mind! The clock said that it was noon now, and walking to Remir even though I already visited him seemed like an option, but I thought it was too early, so for the rest of the day, I watched some T.V. and did some work. By the time 3 had arrived, Miranda had joined me and we waited together. Both of us were silent which made me feel like this conversation might be about my leave. What if dad and mom were going to give us some lecture about leaving! When mom and dad had entered I thought that I should apologize before they started, but they went straight into what they wanted to say. “Kids, I know that you know that the past few weeks have been a little rough, with some food shortages here and there, and me and your mom have been talking it over…” “Your father and I were going to wait till we were sure, and now we are! We’re moving!” I felt my face look a little upset, but I saw Miranda’s do the same. “What?! Do we really have to?”

Mom and dad looked down at our disappointment. “I know it’s not really what you want to hear right now… I mean, we’ve lived here for nine years, but we just can’t maintain the payments. It won’t be the end of the world. You’ll all still go to the same school, but I’m afraid to say that the new house is ten minutes away.” Miranda still looked a little disappointed, but she quickly seemed to warm up to the idea. I, on the other hand, turned around and walked to the sliding glass door. My hand rested on the glass as I looked towards the trail to Remir's and my place. “Remir…” Mom had come from behind and rubbed my shoulder. “I know that you really liked this house… but I’m sure you’ll grow to like the new house.” Tears filled my eyes as I thought of Remir being alone again. I just had to see him! “Mom, can I go outside for a bit?” Mom surprisingly shook her head. "I’m sorry dear, but from now until the day we leave, you and your sister need to help us pack. Besides, I don’t know if we’ve told you, but the forest is dangerous! Maybe you can take your first trip out into it on the last day!”

‘Are they serious? They never noticed me leaving last night or any other time?’ I thought to myself… “Mom, last night, during dinner, did you or dad not see me leave?” Mom gave me a questionable stare. “What are you talking about sweetie? We all had dinner, and you turned in early! Unless, there’s something that you’re not telling me…” I sighed, but pretended that it was the first option, thinking she would probably ask more questions, and like she said, from that day until we planned to move, which was three days later. After everything was ready to go, mom and dad went to make up for lost time and let Miranda and I say or do what we needed or wanted to do since it was our last day. I took this time and ran as fast as I could to where Remir was. “Remir!!” The black wolf jumped from bushes a little far from our spot and looked as if on alert. What is it young one? Tears began falling from my eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to say it, but I had to tell him. “I- I have to move…” Remir whimpered as he began licking my tears. I am sad that you must go, but you can always visit me when you can… I’ll- I’ll always be around to be anything you need. Sniffiling, I kissed his nose and hugged him, petting him as if he was my pet. “I don’t want to leave you! You were the only person who understood me! Even if you are a wolf! I- I love you!” He licked my cheek and continued nuzzling me. I really like you as well Becky… Even though you must go, try and be happy there, for me! And remember about my gift! If you aren’t happy, when you feel it opening, return to me! I nodded, and sat there until I felt tired. I smiled as I remembered our time together, and then spoke. “Will you tell me a story?” Remir smiled and licked more of my tears. Of course… Once upon a time…

When I woke up, it was still daytime, and I knew that I had to go back. After we moved, which turned out to be a nice townhouse, nothing really changed… Mom and dad were as busy as ever, Miranda was as popular as ever, and I was just as forgettable and alone as ever, but now, I felt more alone than I had ever been, now that I couldn’t be with Remir. Since the area was ten minutes away, I knew that this would be something anyone would notice even if it was me. I just wanted to run away, but Remir’s words would keep sounding in my head, almost forcing me to stay. After a year, Miranda had gotten a boyfriend, named Blake and one night, she felt that it was time to introduce him to the family. He was in my math class, and I knew that he was a nice guy, so I approved as much as a big sister could. When it was my turn to be introduced though, that’s when things messed up. “This is my sister Becky.” Blake smiled, but he looked at me as if he had never seen me before, just like every other person… “Uh, hi! Are you her younger sister? What grade are you? Ever since junior, people had begun mistaking my age as someone younger, which I was used to, but he was in my class and being forgotten too many times made me snap… slightly.

“I’m actually older, and I’m in your math class!” He blushed and looked away, leaving an awkward silence. Luckily my dad saved the moment by turning on a game that was airing, and the rest of the day went on as normal, but Blake tried avoiding eye contact with me the rest of the day. When he left, I was in my room finishing some work when Miranda paid me a little visit. “What the heck Becky? Why would you say that to Blake?! You embarrassed him!” I felt my anger rising. “Are you kidding me? Miranda, I just said what was true! He should have remembered me! I don’t understand why I have to be the forgettable one or why things like this are always my fault! Everyone always forgets I’m even there! I don’t understand I mean, I know every single person that comes into my life, and yet only our family and teachers seem to remember I exist!” She stormed out of my room, not knowing what else to say to me. I went back to studying and heard muffled crying, and then I heard mom and dad come in. “Becky? Why did you have to make your sister cry? You didn’t have to embarrass her like that!” I stared dumbfounded as I saw mom and dad look at me with straight, but upset faces, and I thought to myself, what the heck was wrong with everyone?

“You’re taking her side?” “What do you mean? I’m not taking anyone’s side! I know you don’t make many great friends, but that’s-“ “I don’t have any friends…” I interrupted. “Well… If you dressed better and took better care of yourself, maybe you can start!” That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore. “Are you all serious?! When we’re little, everyone tells us, ‘it’s the inside that counts.’ And now everyday, wherever I go, there's always someone or something tell us that we have to look great, almost like models! Seriously? We have to be skinny, have the perfect straight hair, and have to buy this and that! I hear this all the time, but I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you!” Dad began to fume, but headed out as well as my mother. “I can’t take them! I can’t take anything!!” I almost bellowed. Almost immediately, I began to feel tingly. I looked out my window and noticed that the moon could be seen and that it was really full that night. It made me think of Remir… I knew that now was the time if any, to return to him… I couldn’t take not being with him any longer. With this feeling, I jumped out my window and ran.

I knew that this would be pretty dangerous, that I could even be killed trying to race back to where I called home, but I didn’t care. I was either going to reach Remir, or die trying. After a few minutes of running the tingly sensation returned, but I tried to ignore it. It started with my hands and feet. It was almost becoming too painful for me to move on, but I knew that I had to keep going. Once I reached the house, I smiled as I took in the familiar sight. Why would anyone not want a house so close to a beautiful forest, but luckily no one did. I had managed to slip through a hole in the fence that was behind one of he trees in the front yard, which only I really knew about it. When I made it into my backyard, I took that moment to worry about whatever was happening to me. When I looked down, I gasped as I saw that not only were my hands completely different, but my feet were as well… It was like they had transformed into animal paws, but I could feel the tingling sensation continue, and began moving higher on my body as I continued changing.

Now that I focused on it more, I realized how painful it felt. It almost felt like I was clay and that I was being molded into another creature! My legs and arms were bending and becoming adjusted into angles that they weren’t normally used to, and it was almost impossible to try and not make a noise, but somehow, I managed. The tingling sensation was now on my hips, shoulders, and body. My lower back became the most painful, as it felt as if my spine was stretching. Meanwhile, while everything in these areas were tingling, a pins and needles feeling was catching up with it. I couldn’t bring myself to look incase it made me draw attention to myself, even though it was night and everyone was probably already sleeping. After more minutes past, only my head was left. My ears pinched and stretched slightly, as they moved higher on my head. My nose down to my chin began to fuse slightly, where I could feel as if it was all being sucked into a small container or cup.

After, all that was left was the feeling of pins and needles. Once it was over, I was about to open my eyes and see what had happened to the rest of me, but then a searing pain began as if something was inside my brain and where all of my senses were. Even if I did open my eyes at that moment, I don’t think I would have been able to see anything. My eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and my palms and balls of my hands and feet felt as if they were being chiseled or cut, as if they were being fine tuned. Suddenly, the pain was gone. I quickly opened my eyes and that’s when I noticed the differences. My senses had increased maybe a thousand fold! I could hear at least what was happening ten feet or so around me, and I realized that I could smell everything a mile away! I took a big whiff and salivated as the scent of burgers and steaks cooking on the grill entered my nose. I looked all around as I became aware of everything around me, realizing I had night vision. When I got used to all of the changes, I then looked down to find that I had changed as well!

I had a muzzle, paws, a tail, and white fur all over my body. Am- Am I a-a… Am I really a wolf?! I looked over myself again and again and felt as if this was all a dream. In fact, becoming a wolf, after I met Remir, was all that I had ever dreamed. I shook my head trying to think of why I was standing around and ran into the forest. As I did, a new feeling came over me.

Now that I was a wolf, what would Remir think of me now?

A few minutes of running in my new form, and how easy it came frightened me a little, but when the scent of water filled my nose, I knew where I was. Quickly, I turned and ran as fast as I could to a nearby creek. Immediately as I arrived, I looked at myself, and saw everything. I had golden glowing eyes just like Remir, but I was fully white. I begun panting, and at the same time, I noticed the wolf in the reflection had begun to pant as well. Is this really real?! I dunked my head in the water and shook, trying to wake myself up, but nothing happened… It, it really isn’t a dream! I am a wolf!! I barked and even howled slightly with delight, but my happy moment was short lived, as a new pain had overcome me. It felt as if all of my insides were being rearranged and expanded or shrunk, making me fall on my side as I was in the water. I tried and somehow managed to keep quiet, and soon, it was over. I sighed and laid on the water as moments of peace had returned to me, and then another changed had begun.  It felt a little painful, but then quickly changed to something that I had not felt before. It felt good, as if everything was perfect and someone had loved me as a lover would. At the same time, I felt really guilty for feeling that way…

As this was happening, a moan had escaped my muzzle, and then it was done… Slowly, I rose and looked around, almost expecting something else to happen, but after a minute or two, nothing had happened making me feel relived. I had begun lapping up some of the water, and then I was back on my way to Remir and my spot. When I finally reached it, I felt my limbs buckle from running more than I was used to, and began panting. Who are you? And how did you come here? His voice was just as smooth as I had remembered. I smiled as if I had heard the best news of my life, and begun using my new senses. Remir! It’s me! As his scent made its way, I felt myself becoming more warm as my area between my hind limbs became a little wet. Not knowing what this meant, I still anxiously awaited to see him to show himself. When he did I ran to his side and began licking his muzzle. I was happy that I could see him again, and I don’t know what it was, but he looked even more handsome than I remembered!

I love you Remir! I missed you so much! As I licked his muzzle, my tail wagged harder than it’s ever wagged since it came out, and I noticed Remir’s tail wag as well. I missed you most Becky, you- uh… You smell great I nodded and begun sniffing his backside as he did mine. Both of us were very happy to see one another, but then I felt something come over me. I then gravitated to his sheath and gave him a few gentle licks. Remir smiled slightly as his penis began to emerge and even gave my backside a few licks. I sniffed his penis a few times and knew that I wanted him then and now! I had to have him, and nothing he or anyone could have done would have stopped me. I licked him and then faced my behind toward his face, lifting my tail slightly so he would know that I wanted him. Almost as if giving me a second chance he whined. Are you sure this is the life that you want? I nodded furiously, and even growled. Yes! Yes I want you right now! I love you Remir! Almost as if he turned his enhance thinking off, as he had told me he could, Remir mounted me and begun thrusting his penis inside of me.

I moaned and barked at him, encouraging him to continue, and he did. In a few seconds I could feel a bulge trying to penetrate me further. Once it did, I felt the walls of my area close in on him and the flow of his seed filled me. I sighed as he finished and turned so we were back to back. He licked my muzzle as I licked his. You were very good for your first time… I really love you Becky I then growled at that name which made him back off a little, but continued licking me. I don’t like- I don’t want that name… Not anymore… He sighed and looked at me. So what do you want then? I sighed and looked at the stars thinking of something that could work. How does Estella sound? He licked my muzzle gently and spoke. I like that very much…

In two months, six puppies had been brought into the world. Only one was a male, but I didn't care if we didn't have any one gender, as did Remir. Now, our small pack of eight defended the forest and kept balance like Remir had done all of those years and the forest had never been safer. I had found out later that in addition to me becoming a wolf, I had become timeless as well the moment we mated. He and I have had many puppies over our many years, but sadly, they were not timeless as we were. Though they weren’t timeless like us, Remir and I were just happy that we have each other… If you think I’m lying, try to look for me, you can find that light blue house with burgundy shutters…  Where just beyond the clearing of it’s backyard are woods, where in few instances, you can catch white fur moving. It might just be the tail of a deer, but then again, it might be me…



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