The New Duchess

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Not even a proper pawn shop, Mike thought, looking around the old store. There was hardly anything of value - no video games, no guns, no portable power tools. The only thing Mike could hawk at all were the big T.V.s, but he could hardly carry one of those out under his teal, buttoned-down shirt.


Maybe some of the jewelry is real... Mike walked past the old, rusted tools, antique furniture, and an odd assortment of stupid-looking board games with airplanes and World War II soldiers on them. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at the hand-made Christmas ornaments. This place wasn't a pawn shop - it was a junk shop.


"Anythin' I can help you find?" the middle aged man behind the counter asked politely. They were always polite when the sixteen-year-old wore his nice clothes, hoping that he would actually buy something.


Beneath the glass were necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all too gaudy to be real. Mike had developed a real eye for this stuff after the first few times Roberto had chewed him out for wasting his time with cubic zirconia. Now Roberto had a pawn shop. He had everything, and the prices were literally criminal. Easy to sell low when the stuff you get is stolen.


"I'm looking for something for my girlfriend," Mike explained, scanning the rest of the jewelry. "Do you gift wrap?" Ah, there we go... he thought, spying a diamond ring just a touch dimmer than the fakes, and rather huge, too! Now that would be worth a few hundred bucks.


"Ah, you got a good eye," the 50-year-old man twanged with a slight southern accent. "That ring is really something special.


Hick. Mike looked up at the redneck. Pretty attentive, I'll have to be careful. "Really? Can I see it?"


"'Course," he said, leaning down to unlock the sliding glass door. He groaned, his plaid shirt crinkling as he reached in to pick up the ring. Worst comes to worse, I can outrun this guy. "Here she is," he said, simply handing the diamond to him.


I could just run now, Mike thought, but he hesitated. He was better than that. "How much?"


"Two hunnerd," the redneck suggested, spitting on the floor of his own shop.


Mike widened his eyes to feign surprise. "Oh...I've got...five dollars." Carefully, he placed the diamond ring on the counter. Don't reach for it, old man, just leave it right there.


The corner of the old man's right eye had folded over skin, pinched and wrinkled so that when he squinted at Mike, it almost looked like he was winking his left. "Then you'll be int'ressed in the other pieces. What about this one?" he asked, wincing as he pulled out a cheap bracelet.


"Oh, yeah," Mike said. "That looks great. How much?"


The man spat again, "Five dollars."


Asshole. It was worth a dollar at best. Mike ran his hand through his short, brown hair and said, "Great, but do you, wrap? I want to make a good impression, but everything I wrap looks like a three-year-old did it."


"I think I got some wrappin' paper in the back. If'n you don' mind snowmen and reindeer."


"No, that's fine." This couldn't be easier! He's going to leave me alone with the ring! Mike's heart began to thud in his chest, preparing him for the moment he would run. He wouldn't even have to hand over the five bucks!


"A'ight boy, just let me get the tape." The junk man walked stiffly over to the front door, reaching down to grab some packing tape. Then he walked toward the old, faded door to the back room.


Mike waited until he was out of sight, forcing himself to wait to pick up the ring. He couldn't risk the old man turning around at the last second. Finally the rusted hinges squeaked closed. Mike laughed, picking up the ring and heading straight for the front door.


He pushed on the bar, but nothing happened. He pushed harder. What the? It's locked!




Mike froze. That's what you do when you hear someone cocking a shotgun.


"Turn 'round, boy."


Ever so slowly, the teenager turned around, keeping his hands in the air, his heart pounding for a different reason now. The black, metal shotgun stood out against the redneck's plaid shirt, pointed straight at him. "Easy...easy..." Mike said, gulping.


The junk dealer squinted, holding the gun steady. "Thought you'd pull one over on me, boy? I've already called the police. Put that ring back on the counter."


Okay, he saw the ring. Time to pull out the waterworks. Mike slowly stepped toward the counter, working on the tears. Normally he'd jab himself with his keys or something to start crying, but he couldn't do that with his hands in the air. The shotgun proved a good enough motivation. "Look, I'm sorry," Mike wept. "I just wanted to buy groceries for Mom and my sister..."


The man just stared at him. After Mike put the ring on the counter, the old coot said, "Tell that to the police."


Okay, that's not good. Mike had a history with the police - he'd better get out of there before they arrived. "Please, man, I'm serious. If Dad finds out what I did...he'll beat me! C'mon, I just want to eat. There's gotta be something I can do..."


"What's your name?" he asked.


Lie, or tell the truth? Mike looked the man over, shotgun and all, and decided he'd better play it safe. "Michael Redman."


"Toss me your wallet, and we'll see about that," he said simply, pointing the shotgun.


Phew, I chose right. Reaching carefully into his pocket, he tossed the tattered wallet at the junk dealer. The man kept the gun straight on him, using one hand to root through the wallet and find the teenager's I.D. "A'right, Mike. My name's Edgar Hatheway. You wanna way outta this? I can tell the police this was all a...misunderstanding."




Edgar finally put the shotgun down on the counter. "I dunno if you really need money for food or what, but regardless - I'm inclined to give you a second chance. There won't be a third."


Mike blinked. "Of course, man."


The old man stared him down. "Stealing ain't right, Mike. But I'll give you a chance at some real employment. It ain't much, but I'll pay ya well enough to feed your Mom and sister. You want the police off your back, you'll work for me for a week. If things work out, maybe I'll keep you on."


As soon as he lets me go, I'm out of here anyway - he'll never see me again. "What do I have to do?"


Edgar looked the teenager over, picking his words like a painter mixes his palette. "Used to have two dogs, but now I've only got the one. Can't have him at the store, so he's all alone at home every day. It ain't much and it ain't a flashy, but I'll pay ya fifteen bucks to walk him and play with him for an hour every day."


"Fifteen bucks?" Mike whined, forgetting that Edgar had the upper hand in this negotiation.


"Enough to buy groceries," the old man said, squinting. "But like I said, you only have to do it for a week. Or I can tell the police exactly what happened here."


"Alright, alright!" Mike paused. "What kind of dog is it?"


Even just talking about the dog made the redneck smile. "Duke's a Great Dane. He's big, but I think you'll find out he's really just a sweetheart."


Great, he wants me to pick up Great Dane poop. That wasn't about to happen, but he still had to play along. "Ok."


"You start tomorrow, noon. I live at 254 Court Street, near the First National Bank. Now, I'll be at work so you just need to know three things: plastic bags by the fridge, leash by the door, and the key to the house in a fake rock to the left of the side door."


Wait a minute, Mike thought. He's really going to let me into his house alone? Might as well take a look around the house, see if anything valuable isn't tied down. Mike nodded as enthusiastically as he could muster, "I'll be there."


"Yeah, I expect you will," Edgar said, waving his hand dismissively. "Get out of here; I'll explain the mix up to the cops."


Mike spun around, fumbling at the lock. Don't need to tell me twice!


As the dial went click! and Mike went out the door, Edgar said a few final words that Mike barely caught in his rush, "Do the job right, boy, or you'll be on the hook for a lot longer than a week!"


* * * * *


"Don't mess with Edgar Hatheway," Roberto had said when Mike explained his plan.


Mike wasn't surprised that Roberto knew the old junk dealer. Roberto knew every pawn shop in the quad-city area! But the teenager didn't expect the warning.


Roberto's some pussy afraid of an old hick with a shotgun, Mike thought standing across the street from 254 Court Street. The run-down house had a chain link fence, peeling paint, and missing shingles. Hardly the kind of place to make a real good score, but Mike wanted a little revenge. And who knows, maybe he'll have some good stuff after all?


Mike looked at his phone.


It was 10:30 in the morning, and Mike had been careful enough to make sure Edgar was keeping the shop today. The teenager should be in and out well before noon. What I wouldn't give to see that bastard's face when he comes home and all his shit is gone!


Mike glanced down the street both ways, but the place was almost deserted. Just like the junk shop, there were no cameras on Edgar's house either, that Mike could see. The old man would have no evidence that the sixteen-year-old had committed any crimes.


He walked across the street. What could possibly go wrong?


It only took a second to find the fake rock and get the key. I'll have to try other houses sometime. This could be easier than shoplifting! The key turned neatly in the lock, and Mike opened the door.


To his relief, he immediately saw the messiness of the house. Little odds and ends lined every available surface. The whole house was a junk shop! Good thing he knew where the plastic bags were, because he was definitely going to score.


Mike closed the door quietly behind him, but the click was enough to draw the dog's attention. Paws came running down the stairs and a huge, black dog spun around to look at the newcomer. He stopped, ears cropped straight up, his tail held rigid, staring straight at the boy.


"Duke, right? It's okay boy. Your idiot owner wanted me to come."


The big dog stood still, cocking his head, glossy black coat putting the large dog at odds with the rest of the house. He wasn't run-down at all - perfectly groomed, muscular, stained leather collar with a gold, embossed nameplate and shiny metal links. The old man definitely kept good care of his dog, at least.


"Here boy!" Mike said encouragingly. He needed the dog's trust before he began rifling through all the junk looking for the good stuff. Fortunately, the dog really was friendly. Too friendly.


His tail went wild at Mike's excited tone, and the massive dog bounded forward, leaping up and placing heavy paws on either of Mike's shoulders. The boy wasn't at all ready, and went thud! against the front door, lifting his hands to ward off the dog's eager, slurping tongue.


"Hey! Hey! Hey!" he shouted, trying in vain to dislodge the Great Dane. As if the drool wasn't bad enough, Duke had pronounced doggy breath, and his fur smelled faintly like an old locker room. Not that it was Duke's fault. Mike just wasn't a dog person.


"Bad dog!" he shouted, and finally the animal backed off, whimpering as he cowered in front of the boy. God damn, he must be almost as big as me! A hundred-fifty pounds at the lightest. Mike gasped for breath, and gave the dog a chagrined apology. "It's alright, boy. Just calm down, alright? I'm only going to be here for a little bit."


Duke sat up, panting now, wagging his tail slowly but steadily. He watched with interest as Mike walked around the front hall, looking at the junk. Just like the shop, there was a lot of old furniture, picture frames, costume jewelry - nothing too valuable. But here, there were also old clockwork automatons in shiny steel and brass. Not easy to steal, but maybe if he had enough time. Why not show some of these at the shop? Mike wondered, looking at a robotic set of wings that actually flapped when you turned the crank.


In the living room, an old tube TV sat, and Mike wouldn't have been surprised if the thing were black and white, it was so old. He had better TVs for sale in his shop! A glass case lined the wall, and it was filled with stamps and coins. Jackpot! Mike thought, scanning the merchandise. What is the old man thinking, sending a shoplifter alone into this fucking gold mine?


One coin in particular caught his eye, thanks in part to the golden plate below it that bore the following etched words: "The Wishing Coin". The heavy plaque was worth a bunch in and of itself, but the coin looked ancient. Mike had never seen anything like it, and he'd stolen his fair share of doubloons and old, Roman coins. This one was in great shape, if not perfectly round, with an odd, etched symbol of a pyramid inside a circle. If that coin were as old as Mike suspected, it would be worth some real bank.


Duke had followed him inside, still wagging his solid, black tail. Mike couldn't help but notice the two, hefty balls swinging back and forth between his legs. Guess the redneck's too old for The Price is Right. Who doesn't get their pet spayed or neutered these days?


"Where's the kitchen, boy?" Mike asked with a smirk. "I need the plastic bags."


Again the excited question made the heavy-set canine bounce and run. Duke barked once, a loud, echoing sound that brought Mike's hands to cover his ears. But instead of barking again, Duke skittered across the floor through the nearest, swinging door.


Mike followed, and sure enough, he was in the kitchen. "Good boy!" he praised, walking over to the fridge. He opened a cabinet, and there were about one hundred crumpled up plastic bags. He grabbed eight, wondering if he should just go straight for the stamps and coins, or keep looking first. Hard to imagine anything worth more, but maybe the old coot had some real jewelry somewhere.


"Let's check out the next room, Duke!" Mike chuckled, walking through the kitchen.


The dining room had a nice oak table, and some solid chairs, but nothing easy to steal. The clutter Mike had seen in the earlier rooms was missing here. As far as the sixteen-year-old knew, Edgar lived alone with his dog. The old guy often have guests or what?


Mike walked quickly, itching to get his hands on something for valuable and more portable. The next door opened into a wide, carpeted room with no furniture in sight. The purple carpet clashed with the beige walls, but aside from some cabinets and a big, white bucket, the room was completely empty.


"What the -" Mike said, letting go of the heavy, oak door. The door swung closed, but thudded against Duke, following close behind. Mike jumped into the room when he felt the dog's wide, wet tongue against his bare calves. "Hey!" he said, turning to swat at the large dog. "Stop that! I don't want your tongue anywhere near me!" Should have worn long pants.


Duke just thought Mike wanted to play, wagging his tail and advancing into the room, the door swinging closed behind him with a loud cliclunk! "No," Mike said sternly.


Instead, the boy looked around the sparse room, first glancing into the bucket. Inside were ropes, and balls, and rings, and bones. Great, this must be the dog's playroom.


Mike turned to leave, but something caught his eye. Sunlight filtered through a row of clerestory windows near the ceiling, glittering off of something inside the glass cabinets. He blinked, resisting the urge to shield his eyes. He stepped to the side, ending the glare to see the only thing in the entire cabinet: a leather collar.


He stepped forward, squinting at the collar. Like Duke's, the brown leather sported an embossed golden nameplate that read, appropriately, "Duchess". I thought the old bastard only had one dog. Faintly, he recalled Edgar used to have two - this must be his old dog's collar, placed perfectly in the center of the solid oak cabinet to be displayed prominently.


Whether it was real gold or not, the metallic sheen wasn't what had so brilliantly caught the light. That distinction belonged to the large, cut gem embedded in the leather, a brilliant blue sapphire the size of a walnut-half. Mike dropped his jaw, walking even slower to make sure he was really seeing what he thought he was seeing.


The gem was clear and almost mesmerizing in the sunlight, and Mike was by no means an expert appraiser, but this sapphire was almost certainly real. Jackpot... Mike thought, stunned that such an expensive gem would be on a fucking dog's collar. Hands shaking, he reached out to the door of the cabinet, and to his amazement, it wasn't even locked.


Shock turned to joy as Mike grabbed the collar. "Unbelievable! Fuck Roberto, I'm not going through a middleman on this. I'm going to make a fortune!" Better yet, Edgar obviously had a sentimental connection with this collar. Two birds with one sapphire; I get a new car, and I get back at that fucking redneck in a big way. Pull a shotgun on me!?


Mike opened a plastic bag, but as he was putting his best score ever in the bag, he squinted. Is the gem glowing? He dropped the bags, pulling the jewel just in front of his face. The gentle blue light seemed to be coming from the sapphire, not just reflecting off of it. "Ah shit! It's just a toy. Just my -"


Mike didn't finish his sentence, the blue glow flashing so bright he clenched his eyes shut. That didn't help, he could still see the light - or the afterimage - through his eyelids! A loud humming filled the room, and Mike dropped the collar, clapping his hands over his ears. What the fuck?


I'm dying! he thought frantically, blinded and deafened by whatever was in the gem. A burning itch began to sear across his entire body, like being doused in scalding water. He let go of his ears to cross his arms in front of himself, grabbing his sizzling biceps. The hair on his arms was vibrating - no, getting longer and thicker! Each strand was digging into his palms, until he had to let go.


Mike blinked, only able to make out a small circle directly in front of him through his burned out eyes. His legs collapsed from underneath him, and he fell to one knee, holding himself up with both hands on his thighs. What the hell? he thought, realizing that even his jean shorts felt like they were growing hair. He squinted down at the bright, blue shorts, but they looked normal.


Then he looked at his hands. His palms were growing a creamy grey fur! His arms and legs, too. As if that weren't bad bad enough, Mike watched his nose grow and flatten, squinting crosseyed to watch the same grey hair sprouting all over his face. "Rwhat isf rhappenig!?" he whined.


My cellphone! Mike fumbled at his pants, trying to slide his hands into the front pocket. Not only was he having trouble controlling his hands, but his jeans seemed impossibly tight around his hips. His eyes widened as he noticed that his pelvis was growing and shifting, getting thicker but less wide until he jean shorts were stretched painfully around him. He just barely managed to slide his cell phone out before the fabric stretched and ripped. Strangely, his thickening hips were paired with a slendering of his legs, until his socks and shoes hung loosely off his feet.


Mike fumbled with both hands at the device, flipping it open and pressing speed dial for Roberto. He'll know what to do! He held the phone to his ears, only now realizing that his ears were long and flapping off his head. The phone was ringing. "Rcome on!" he shouted, "Rpick up!"


Mike was wobbling on his tiny legs, somehow managed to stay crouched with one hand on the phone. The phone rang once, twice, while Mike watched horrified as his chest started to bulge forward, getting so thick that the buttons on his blue shirt began to pop off, one by one, revealing that same grey fur sprouting all over his chest.


"Yeah, Mike?" asked Roberto, just as Mike's legs wobbled too much. He couldn't stay upright, toppling forward. His feet spilled out of his socks and shoes and he flopped forward in a makeshift somersault, landing heavily on his back. Dazed, he looked down his body to watch as his jeans finally ripped completely in half, followed closely by his boxers, both falling limply to the ground in two pieces. Whatever horrible disease was spreading across his body had reached his pride and joy, too. His brown pubic hair had faded into a light, creamy grey, running up and down his normally smooth thighs.


"Hello??" Roberto said impatiently.


Mike could hear him clearly, even though the phone was sitting on the ground. He grabbed it and thrust it to his ear, yelling, "Help me, Roberto, I'm dying!"


Or he would have, if his mouth weren't twisted into some horrible snout. His lips wouldn't respond, and all that came out was, "How-howl, haroo!!"


"Mike, is this some kind of joke? I told you not to call me during work."


"Wait!" he shouted, but all that came out was "Hrrowf!"




No! Mike thought, furious. He grabbed the phone again, trying to press "end" and then "redial", but when he put his hand on the console, he saw that his fingers were curled up grotesquely, the fingernails thickening and hardening into curved crescents completely unable to manipulate the phone. "No!" he shouted, as the phone slipped through his paw pads, but all that came out was a deep, booming, "Nrof!"


Mike's heart was thudding in his chest, but without the cell phone he had no idea what to do. He took stock, looking down his rapidly changing body. Aside from his unbuttoned, blue shirt, he was completely naked, every surface of his body sprouting fur. But that was the least worrying change. Mike's chest was thicker than it was wide, now, his nose protruded a good three inches out in front of his face, turning wet and black even as he watched. His slender feet matched his useless hands, having shifted into grey paws.


There was no denying it now - he was turning into a dog.


This is...impossible! he whined, but he kept changing. As startled as Mike was, sitting patiently just in front of him was Duke, looking down at the sixteen-year-old as if this transformation were the most natural thing in the world. Duke doesn't even smell worried, unlike me. Mike's eyes popped open. Since when could he smell worry?


Mike let out an inhuman, high-pitched whimper, unable to do or think of anything. He flattened his ears, tucking his tail between his legs. My tail!? The thick, fur-covered appendage was the only thing he could control easily, curled up against his fleshy penis. The changes didn't slow; Mike watched as two rows of nubs began to pop up through the soft fur on his chest and abdomen.


No way, he thought, reaching out with his left hand-paw to rest it against his stomach, brushing up against the soft, furless nipple. Male dogs have nipples, right? Mike wondered, scanning up and down Duke's belly. He couldn't see any, but maybe they were tucked away in his fur. Mike's eyes settled accidentally between his evenly-spaced front legs, a bright flash of red standing out in the middle of his black fur. His tip, poking out of his sheath! Mike couldn't look away, huffing gently through his nose to pick up the rich, musky scent emanating from every inch of the big, black dog, but hanging there, concentrated between his legs.


"Nrof!" he barked in protest again, eyes falling to his own tip. His dick was shifting, shrinking, and he wasn't surprised in the least. Mike uncurled his tail, laying it flat across the carpet to make sure he was seeing this right. No, no...anything but this! he thought, watching helplessly as his most prized possession slipped away. The head of his cock flattened, shaft melting into his abs. Adding insult to injury, he could now watch as his balls shrivelled in front of him, pulling into his body. Mike felt a rough tingling as his insides shifted around, the buzzing finishing just as his cock split apart into three, soft folds. A pink, triangular mound protruded from his grey fur, standing out a full inch, stiff and trembling. Blood rushed into his swollen, puffy lips, tingling with every passing gust of Duke's heavy panting.


I'm a bitch! she gasped, the sudden inhalation confirming more than just that. A sweet, unfamiliar scent filled her nostrils, but she knew instinctively what that smell must be. In heat!


Duke stood above her, huffing, more and more of his dick peeking out of his sheath. Mike tried to turn, tried to run, but the transformation was still ongoing. She lifted one leg to watch as it shortened, tightened, and the muscles grew and shifted. Duke didn't seem to care that Mike was still a half-man, still far too long and thin for the Great Dane she was becoming. Brown hair still covered her head! But the scent wafting from her nethers was all the information he needed to know.


Mike gasped, the stagnant air in the closed room rushing into her nostrils. Her nose had finally adjusted to her own changing scent, leaving her with nothing to smell but Duke. The odor wafting off of the large dog absolutely permeated the room, overwhelming her wet, black nose. Her still-thickening chest heaved as she breathed deep, unable to stop herself from investigating every acrid, salty nuance of Duke's scent. Each inhalation sent sharp twinges into the teenager's brain, but she couldn't understand.


That niggling thought kept fighting her, however, desperate to tell her something she desperately wanted to ignore. It wasn't until she lowered her gaze to look down her slender, grey-furred belly that she was able to process the unfamiliar thought. She looked first between Duke's legs as he stood only a foot in front of her. She could barely make out anything specific against that sea of black fur, except for the bright red, glistening tip floating in the middle. Her eyes drifted further down, taking in the silhouette of his enormous, black balls before falling on her own, heat-swollen mound, rising up like a beacon from her soft, grey fur.


The thought came again, at the same time that her newly-formed vulva bounced up and down, and finally, finally Mike realized what her brain was saying: Let him fuck you!


"Nrof!" she barked a third time. What was she thinking!? Mike whimpered, her body's wordless demand hitting her faster and stronger now, fighting for control.


It would feel so good, his thick, musky cock in my trembling cunt, she thought.


What!? I'm not a bitch! I'm a sixteen-year-old boy! I have a girlfriend for Christ's sake!


Just let him! He'll fill you up, breed you, make you his bitch. His thick cream will stop that horrible itch deep inside you. Don't you want his puppies? she countered.


No! Pregnant? Is that even possible!? Anything but that!


Duke couldn't care less about Mike's internal battle. He was finished revelling in her enticing, spicy smell. She might not look right, and she might not be in the most convenient position, but the Great Dane knew what to do. Now, even more of his cock was dangling below him, and knew just where to use it.


His collar jangled as he walked forward, Mike too distracted to notice until the huge, black dog was already halfway over her. She barked and whined, pushing against Duke's chest with her oddly shaped front legs, but he knew what she wanted - what she needed - and he was the only one who could give it to her and put out the fire in her loins. He grinned, letting a single drop of drool splash onto her chest, and lowered his hips to hers, his bony tip brushing up against her trembling, tri-fold mound.


Mike wanted to yell "Bad dog!" but she knew her voice would just come out as a high-pitched whine. Her eyes were frozen, locked where his growing cock nestled up against her large, swollen lips. Her head tingled as the brown hair finally began to recede, her arms pushing against the Great Dane thinning and getting longer, even less able to deal with the powerful animal. All hope of escape faded, leaving only a pit of dread in Mike's changing stomach. Duke waggled his hips as he lined himself up, ignoring his bitch's plaintive whimpers.


This can't be happening! Mike thought. She struggled miserably to squirm away from him, but he followed too quickly. Ears flat, she thought, He's going to shove that fat cock into me, and there's nothing I can do! Those big, musky balls will pump me full - what if the change is permanent? What's to stop his sperm from finding every last egg?




Duke interrupted Mike's rampant thoughts with a low grunt, jabbing forward. Mike's eyes popped open and she yelped, her worst, inevitable nightmare coming true. Her trembling mound spread eagerly around Duke's thick, oily cock, almost slurping him deeper. He didn't stop when his sheath brushed up against her cunt, the furred skin folding back as more of his solid dick rammed between her legs, lifting her wide, half-human rump into the air.


Duke hilted himself inside of Mike, his black belly sliding flush with hers. At least I can't see his cock anymore, Mike whined. But boy, could she feel it! He felt like an iron rod between her legs, her soft, wet pussy yielding easily. From what the teenager had seen, Duke was twice again as large as Mike the man had ever been, yet somehow the black dog had wedged his way inside.


Tail thumping, Duke hunched over her, mouth open in a wide, toothless grin. He didn't care what the bitch beneath him was thinking. All he knew was that a tight, canine cunt was wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock. If the positioning was awkward, he didn't mind, tensing his rippling muscles to hump forward.


Oh God! Mike thought, pinned beneath the horny Dane. The dog was on her, rocking his hips slowly and deliberately between her still-shifting legs, becoming more and more dog-like by the second. As if her fading humanity weren't bad enough, her swollen pussy sent waves of unwanted pleasure rolling through her body. Every swell of Duke's cock rubbed Mike in the right way, every brush of his furred sheath at her wide-stretched opening made her tremble in lust. The hand - rather, paw - pushing back on Duke's broad chest fell away as Mike began to moan and rock her hips up against the Great Dane.


No, not like this! Mike shuddered. She was by no means a virgin, and she'd certainly had unprotected sex before, but never on the receiving side! She was suddenly forced to confront headlong what those girls must have been feeling when Mike had pressured them into unsafe sex: Duke's pounding cock thudded deep inside her, nothing standing in the way of his already-spurting dick and her defenseless womb. Duke didn't have to worry about the consequences, but she sure did! At least Mike's girlfriends hadn't known for sure that they were receptive. Her warm, acrid scent - mixed with the musk that roiled off of Duke - was all her new nose needed to know that deep inside her, she was ready and waiting.


Duke's humping grew faster and harder, lifting her rump even further off the carpet. Like it or not, she curled up beneath him, all the better for his downward thrusts. The black dog's dangling balls swung back and forth like a pendulum, smacking into her ass in a steady, lewd rhythm. He was panting now, and groaning, small drops of drool landing on his whining bitch.


His warm belly fur parted with hers, and Mike glanced down in surprise. Is he pulling away? she hoped against hope. Her eyes widened. He was, but not for the right reason. Before her eyes, Duke's cock swelled fast - not longer, but wider. Mike watched her pussy stretch out into a large sphere, twitching and trembling around the dog's enormous knot. She only needed one glance to know that there was no hope now. Duke wouldn't stop until he was done with her.


Mike felt a strange sense of relief now that there was nothing she could do. She lay back, her hips still betraying her with eager humps, waiting for the inevitable. He was hammering her truly like an animal now, enormous cock tugging her back and forth with the force of his thrusts. Every nerve in her newly formed pussy was electrified, convulsing around the big dog. Mike's eyes rolled back in her head as Duke's spasming knot bounced and rubbed against something just inside her, something that threatened to dwarf all the sensations she'd felt so far. She lost control of her panting tongue, and it flopped sideways out of her wide muzzle.


Duke didn't know or care how close Mike was to howling. He didn't lick her, he didn't hug her, he just humped, and kept humping until he was done. His low, loud bark echoed painfully in the small room, followed by a loud, wet splurt! Mike felt the big dog shuddering above her, and felt the hot, bubbling cum spill out into her. "Nrof!" he whined, but then his body took over. That thick, spasming cock was too much, sending hot waves of pleasure racking her body. The dog sent five thick splashes into her fertile womb in one second, slowing only slightly after that. Duke's clenching balls shook against Mike's long, grey tail, working hard to fully breed his bitch. Mike just bucked her hips, wiggling helplessly on her back, gravity and her squeezing pussy sending every last drop into her untested uterus.


Oh God, oh God, oh God, was all Mike could think, overwhelmed but the unwanted, but uncontrollable orgasm. He's a dog, just an animal! I can't be liking this!


Duke certainly was, his large tongue flapping this way and that as he claimed his heat-addled bitch. His hips shook, and tied to him, she was forced to shake with him. He groaned, ready for the final stage. Though he was far from finished breeding her, he was done looking at her. Grinning in that self-satisfied, innocent way that only a dog can manage, Duke spun in a quick circle, turning away from Mike and standing upright. Cunt still tightly coupled to the big, black dog, Mike was dragged along the carpet, ass lifted three feet in the air as she dangled from his still-spurting cock.


There she hung, still howling, until the last few spurts of Duke's overworked balls, before the pleasure finally faded, leaving Mike's mind suddenly clear and absolutely humiliated. She dangled upside-down from the large dog, pussy nothing more than a glove for Duke's cock and a drain for his cum. She squirmed, kicking her legs and trying to turn over with her hands, but her hands were no more. Looking herself over, Mike saw that there was nothing left of her humanity. She was a full-blooded Great Dane now, thick grey fur covering every inch of her body. The only thing that remained of Mike the teenaged boy was his blue, buttoned-down shirt clinging awkwardly to his broad-chested body; the rest of his clothes (and the buttons) were scattered around the room.


Good God, this has to be some kind of horrible dream! Mike thought, dangling from Duke's rump. She'd never had a sex dream quite like this before, and it had never felt so real. Even now she could feel Duke's bulging cock spreading her apart. Like it or not, she was trapped in the body of a dog, and all of Mike's experience with the harshness of life couldn't have prepared her for this. What can I do?


I brought this on myself. She didn't want to admit, but this never would have happened if she'd just listened to Roberto. Now she knew what her employer was so afraid of - was Mike the first connection he'd lost to the crazy redneck? No, I'm not lost! she whined, kicking her feet uselessly. There must be a way out of this...I wish I'd never touched that fucking collar. I wish I'd just smashed the display case and -


The display case! Mike's eyes popped open, remembering the coins and stamps. What had it been called? The Wishing Coin. More than just a relic, if the magic collar were any indication that coin could be her ticket out of this mess! Once away from Duke, she could make her way to that case, and wish herself back. No one would have to know what had happened - especially not Mike's girlfriend!


But first, she had to wait. She wasn't going anywhere dangling rump first from Duke. Could dogs blush? Because Mike's face was on fire, listening to the gentle, rhythmic spurts that splashed down her canal. When will this end? Duke had already far surpassed Mike's own sexual prowess.


Duke just wagged his tail, looking over his shoulder at his uncomfortably suspended mate. When I get out of this, I'll wipe that smug grin off the dog's face. Maybe it was time for Duke to finally get neutered!


Glancing over at her phone, Mike watched the minutes tick by. Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty. On her back, there was no way to tug away from Duke, leaving her hindquarters dangling in the air a full thirty minutes before her weight finally slipped off his softening cock. She landed heavily on the ground, Duke's newly released cock swinging wetly between his legs. It had a strange, almost alien shape, tapered at the end only to bulge out, thing again, and then swell out into an enormous bulb! How had that thing even fit!? Her swollen spade leaked his sticky cum, and Mike had to look away in shame.


Rolling onto all fours, Mike took her first steps as a Great Dane. She was shaky at first, but quickly found having four legs was surprisingly stable. Ignoring Duke, she walked around the room in a circle. This is so weird, she thought. The colors of the world were all muted - in shades of blue and red, but Duke's wagging tail wasn't a blur anymore. The long appendage was a crisp image as it swung back and forth.


Her ears were also sharp, but the smells were the most surprising. When Mike had entered the room, it smelled faintly musty. Now, the place was swimming with scents, and she could pick out each one. The two most prevalent, of course, were Duke's heady musk and her own spicy heat. But she could smell fur, and dirt, and she was almost certain that one corner was where the old man fed Duke. The plastic bin full of dog toys let off the strong odor of dried saliva - she was sure she could find one of those balls in pitch black.


Shaking herself off, Mike stopped revelling in the new sensations, setting her mind back to escape. Oh shit, the door... Walking over to the door, her ears drooped. The heavy oak door was firmly shut. At least Mike was tall enough to reach the knob! But with no hands...


Mike set about trying to turn the knob, first with her paws, then with her mouth. Her senses were amazing, but her paws were a pale imitation of fingers, and her wide tongue was flexible, but couldn't get any grip whatsoever. Even if I could turn the knob, how would I pull the door open?


She turned around to scan the room, first noticing the sliding glass doors to Edgar's backyard, then noticing Duke standing right behind her! Yelping, Mike spun to face the massive Great Dane. He had a wide grin on his face, tail wagging like he wanted to play. I'm done playing with you, Mike thought.


She growled, finding her vocal chords perfectly suited. Duke didn't get the message, bouncing backwards and then forward, reaching forward with massive, heavy paws. Eyes narrowed, Mike snapped at him, but he pulled back impossibly fast. Expecting to feel the dog's paw between her teeth, she stumbled, falling forward only for Duke to pounce. The humongous dog jumped right on top of her, pushing her onto her belly beneath him. Snarling, Mike tried to stand, but Duke was too heavy.


She rammed her head upward, smacking Duke in the ribcage, but he didn't budge. As far as the black dog was concerned, he'd won. He put a heavy paw on her rump, and playfully wrapped his sharp teeth around the small of her back, where her spine ran in sharp ridges. Oh God, he's going to bite me! Mike whimpered, laying her ears flat and shaking. He'd been a Great Dane all his life - she was no match for him in a fight!


But he didn't bite down, just pinning her in place. That was when Mike had the misfortune of looking up. There, inches from her face, was Duke's cock. He'd retracted all the way back into his sheath, leaving a black, furry bulge nestled tightly against his abdomen. A few inches further dangled his enormous balls.


The view was unpleasant enough, but this was ground zero for Duke's musky scent. The aroma blanketed Mike's nose, making her shiver. How could he smell so good, so masculine? Despite herself, she inched forward until her wet, black nose almost touched his bobbing sheath. She inhaled deeply, catching her own scent all over him.


I had that inside me! she quivered, imagining what was still hidden in his soft, black fur. Duke wagged his tail, shifting around as he wrestled the submissive bitch. Mike's muzzle bumped up against Duke's opening, leaving something wet and sticky tingling on her nose. Without thinking, she licked it off, only later realizing from the salty taste what she was doing.


Gross! Mike thought.


Realizing the scuffle was over, Duke pulled away from Mike, easily stepping over her. Yet her eyes still followed his swaying cock. What am I doing!? Mike thought, tearing her eyes away. Quickly, she got up again and walked over to the sliding glass doors. They had big handles and a small lock mechanism. I can definitely work with this, if I can turn that latch.


But as she began to fiddle with the latch, she heard huff, huff, huff. Looking behind her, she saw Duke again, flaring his wide nostrils as he drank in her scent. Oh no, not again, Mike thought. No way was she going to stand still for this giant horn dog. Mike growled.


Duke was fast. He stepped forward, poking his nose beneath her tail and taking a deep breath. That wouldn't have been so bad, if he didn't follow that up with a large gasp of moist air blanketing her still-sopping mound. Her pussy trembled, bouncing in place, while her tail raised up and to the side without any input from Mike's brain. Her jaw dropped, glancing over her shoulder, mind racing. What am I doing!?


Duke took a nice, long look at her goods. With her tail out of the way, he could see everything: her tight, fur-covered tail hole, her protruding, glistening spade, and even her thick belly dotted with two rows of ten nipples. Before, Duke had been spurred on by Mike's scent, ignoring the teenager's awkward appearance and position. Now, he saw exactly what he wanted to see.


Mike willed herself to lower her tail, but it just wasn't happening. Perhaps if she'd focused instead on darting away, things might have been different. As it was, Duke took advantage of her paralysis, stepping forward with a big lick of her swollen pussy. Any progress Mike had made with her tail was lost as she held it rigidly to the side, whimpering pitifully. He slurped up all the evidence he'd left on her, his cold, wet nose rubbing up against her shivering tail hole.


Mike shuddered, that large, warm tongue slathering her sensitive vulva. Why does that feel so good!? Like it or not, she stayed put obediently, moaning at the insistent, wet caress. I'm a sixteen-year-old boy! she yelped, but her protests rang hollow as she spread her trembling legs.


Duke stepped closer, driving his tongue inside her clenching lips. She tossed her head back, hips starting to rock up and down as the big dog violated her. No! No, this isn't fair! she whined, but she made no effort to move away. Slurp, slurp, slurp! rang out across the small room. His tongue is so big!


With two loud, wet smacks! Duke tugged his tongue free of her humping, clenching hole. Mike whimpered at the sudden emptiness, still squeezing her pussy lips futilely as she lost the very last chance to stop the black Great Dane. He leapt up, resting his enormous weight on her slender hind legs. "Nrof!" Mike barked, but her heat-addled body was in stark disagreement. She spread her legs wide, digging her claws into the carpet beneath her.


Duke curled his strong forelegs around her long, slender hips like any good dog would. Mike squirmed away from him, shivering. A very large part of the teenager wanted to stay put. This felt so different from the first time Duke took her. Then, he'd stood distantly over her, the only place she could even feel him being his pumping cock. Now, the way he pinned himself to her rump, claws poking into her abdomen while his heavy belly perfectly matched the curve of her back sent chills throughout the young Great Dane. His chest fur nestled against her as he drew himself further up her body, until she could feel his sour-smelling breath on the back of her head. She still squirmed beneath him, futilely, but her tail remained firmly splayed.


God damn it, no! Mike spun, but the eager Dane followed, scooting forward until the short fur of his thighs smacked up against her rump. Tilted her head down, Mike glanced down the length of her belly only to see that thick, glistening shaft poking out and ready, Duke's sizable balls apparently ready for another go. No, no, no, no... she chanted in her head, looking in vain through the glass door for any help. The overgrown back yard was fenced in, a rickety doghouse covered in ivy - there was no one in sight.


Mike braced herself for the inevitable thrust, when it finally came. She blinked, but felt nothing. Duke was humping his hips wildly, letting more and more of his expansive cock spill from his sheath, but he was missing her by a fair margin. Heart thumping, Mike stood absolutely still. The massive, floppy organ was slapping up against her teats, way too low!


Duke didn't even seem to notice, though he kept adjusting his hips to the left and the right. He grunted and humped hard, putting a lot of stress on Mike's legs. The former boy's face was burning, but at least this was better than the alternative! Let the big dog have his way with the air, so that I can get back to escaping.


The Great Dane loosened his grip of her hips for half a second, taking a new grip in his unending quest for her soft, waiting canal. He was closer now, but still too low. Mike could feel Duke's thick cock brushing up against the very bottom of her bouncing spade. Mike shivered at the new sensation, worried that at any second, the animal might aim just a bit higher and that would be that. He didn't though, slamming his dick fruitlessly between her lightly-furred thighs. Duke groaned, pointy ears held back.


Stupid dog. Mike only missed when she wanted to. At least, that was her cover the first time she'd tried anal with a girl. Mike waited patiently, standing still and upright to keep her newfound pussy just out of Duke's reach. Again and again the big dog pushed himself between Mike's legs, pre-cum slathering her lightly-furred abs. His wet shaft rubbed back and forth against the tip of her wet vulva. Mike trembled despite herself, remembering the way Duke's thick tongue spread her apart, slurping at every nook and cranny of her tight hole. She'd felt empty ever since then, and Duke's cock only teased her more.


Duke leaned forward, his knot already swelling. Panting, he pounded her harder, but lower too, completely missing Mike's quivering lips. Mike whined, reflexively lowering her hips just a smidgen. Ahhhnf, she groaned, when she felt him brush past her vulva once more. That's the spot.


Mike shivered, spreading her legs a little further. Duke's cock felt so good rubbing against her mound. If she just crouched a little more... There, she thought, his thick dick slapping up against her outer folds. The extra pressure was a godsend, making Mike whine beneath the Great Dane.


What if I crouched just a little more? she thought. She'd be careful, of course, not to lower herself too far. She had a pretty good feeling what Duke would do if he finally hit his target. Ever so gently, she bent her hind legs, lowering her wet spade against his grinding cock. Back and forth he jabbed, pushing and pulling on her quivering spade. So...good... she thought, through gritted teeth.


Mike gasped as the sensations carried through her thick-framed body. The way her vulva squeezed up against his shaft send tremors deep inside her, thudding against the pink nub inside of her. Oh, what am I doing? Mike whined. I'm not supposed to be enjoying this! It felt so good, the former boy lost control, humping her hips up and down in the air.


Mike's eyes popped open, realizing her mistake. It took a fraction of a moment before Duke's fierce humping met her bouncing hips, and just before Mike could stop herself, Duke's tapered, bony tip collided with her soft mound. The point nestled neatly above the pointed end of her vulva, carried up and in with the force of his thrust. Her soft, wet lips yielded before him, and he pierced her half-full in one, slick motion. Duke dropped his jaw and howled at the sudden, unexpected satisfaction.


"Nrof!" Mike yelped. The big dog was fucking her again, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. What was I thinking!? Duke pounded at an angle into her lubricated tunnel, panting, his wide lips flapping back and forth. This was what he'd been waiting for! Tail wagging with renewed energy, Duke hammered forward into his yelping bitch until his half-swollen knot grinded roughly against her wide-stretched lips.


It'll never fit! Mike barked, trying desperately to wriggle out from under the Great Dane. She knew from experience that Duke's knot was too much for her to take. Why else would it have taken thirty minutes to pull free? Duke didn't seem to care, however, leaping forward as if determined to sink all the way into her. Her wet pussy spread lewdly apart again and again for him, but the bulge was just too big to slip inside.




Mike's ears perked up at the muffled sound of the front door clicking shut. Someone's home - oh, God, not Edgar! He must be checking up on me! She couldn't let him see her like this! Somehow, the teenager thought the old man would be able to tell instantly what had happened - the blue shirt she was still wearing would be quite a tip off, not to mention her cell phone and wallet. Maybe he'll see what happened and take pity on me, Mike thought hopefully.


Duke was too distracted to hear his master's heavy footsteps down the hall, or even the man's voice, calling, "Duke? Mike?" The Great Dane's focus was entirely on his pounding his bitch, and he was making great progress. His strong, short thrusts were shoving her tender lips apart, his knot slowly sinking deeper and deeper. Mike whimpered at the onslaught, legs already spread as far apart as she could manage. Duke was positively leaping up against her, pushing one side of his bulbis glandis in with a loud pop! Not now... Mike thought. Edgar, get your butt in here! To help speed him along, she howled.


To her relief, the footsteps moved faster, and the doorknob rattled. How she wished she could say, "Get this bastard off of me! He's raping me!" Her vocal chords could only manage a plaintive whine, as she looked over her shoulder at the opening door.


Edgar glanced inside and gasped. From his perspective, all the man could see were two Great Dane butts and Mike's horrified expression. The old man looked down grimly, and said, "I's afraid this might happen."


What's he doing!? Get a move on, old man! But Edgar wasn't in a rush. He entered the room, looking around first at the plastic bags, then the fallen collar, and the shredded clothing. "Growf!" Mike barked demandingly. If he doesn't pull Duke off soon, it'll be too late!


"That's a lot more plastic bags than ya'd need to scoop up dog poop, Mike. Thinkin' of robbin' the place? I warned you I wouldn't be so forgivin' the second time." The pervert actually walked over to watch, shaking his head sadly to Mike's gaping horror. "Get 'er, Duke!" he commanded sharply.




The dog barked in agreement, not needing to be told twice. He redoubled his efforts while Edgar didn't interfere. Slap, slap, slap! went the animal's half-swollen knot against her unprotected cunt. Before she could bark twice he managed to push the entire thing inside, her stinging lips slurping around him with a tight, wet seal. Mike tossed her head back, eyes bulging at the sudden, intense pressure, howling. He fit so perfectly over and in her, as if she were made to be his bitch. She felt his bulge throbbing up against her clitoris, losing any semblance of control, despite Edgar standing right there. Before she knew it, she was bucking her hips, whimpering, and yes, even wagging her tail in time with Duke.


"Looks like you're m'dog, now, Mike. You couldn' be bothered to put an honest week's work in, keeping Duke company? You'll be servin' him for a lot longer, now." Edgar reached down to grab the blue shirt where it lay pinned between the two dogs.


Mike desperately wanted to bite him, or growl, or beg for mercy, but she couldn't, still moaning and humping back against the big dog. While Edgar was crouched nearby, lifting her front legs one after another to slide the shirt off her body, Duke howled, shooting another load into her steamy, clenching canal. She rammed her hips up and down, whining as he filled her, waves of intense pleasure overwhelming her mind.


"I'm sorry 'bout this, Mike, I really am. Though ya'll be needin' a new name, an' I know just the one."


In the back of her head, she noticed Edgar grabbing the collar and wrapping it around her neck, but she just tossed her head back and moaned. Why does it have to feel so damned good!? Her whole body shuddered as she squeezed down around Duke's fat cock, milking him for all he was worth. Her eyes rolled back in her head, but sadly, she could still hear.


"There you go, Duchess," the old man said, finished fastening the collar. It fit perfectly. "Looks like you're enjoyin' gettin' into that new form of yours. Duke is, anyway."


Mike could only whimper and watch as Edgar collected the last of her possessions. Without those, who would ever know that she was really Mike? If she couldn't get to the wishing coin, her future would be in the old redneck's hands.


Duke humped away, groaning louder and louder until the last gushing splurts of dog cum splashed into her fertile womb. Edgar was making it sound like this change was permanent - if so, did that mean that...


Edgar answered her question for her. "Think on it as a blessin', girl. Instead'a detractin' from the world, you'll be contributin' to it. I'll make sure each'n every one'a your pups gets a nice, lovin' home."


No, no, this isn't happening! Let me go! "Nrof!" she barked, her tail no longer wagging. Her full pussy trembled, but the thrill had passed. Mike watched over her shoulder as Duke climbed off of her, spinning around once more until his butt nestled perfectly up against hers, his tail curling over her rump. His sore balls still pulsed, squirting the last little bits inside of her.


What am I going to do? I'm a boy - I can't have puppies! Edgar was joking, just to scare her, he had to be. Duke kept turning until he was standing almost side by side with 'Duchess', still lodged tightly in her pussy. Her thoughts were racing, so she didn't notice him until he leaned over and gave her a wet lick on the side of the face. Mike yelped, looking over at the amorous canine.


Grinning playfully at her, the big, black dog licked her again, on the nose. Deep down, Mike knew that Duke didn't know any better, but that was small consolation to her. Still, his musky scent washed over her, spilling down her nose and giving her chills. She shivered, her tongue dangling, and Duke took that opportunity to lick her tongue.


Oh God, Mike thought for the hundredth time. She was panting, inhaling his scent. When his tongue snaked forward, she couldn't help herself. She cocked her head to the side and opened her mouth, letting the big dog push his tongue all the way inside her wet muzzle. It wasn't anything like kissing a girl - his tongue was so huge and forceful. Mike moaned and licked Duke back, breathing in his musky breath. She kissed him again, mind reeling. Oh God...


Edgar stood by, hands on his hips. "Good girl. You behave, and I'll treat you well, just as I promised before. You act up, well, let's say I know how to deal with ornery dogs." With that, he simply walked out of the room, leaving the door open this time.


Mike pulled away from Duke, stopping only when the animals engorged dick stopped her. The old hick doesn't sound like he's joking. How could he do this to her? She barked down the hallway after him, hoping the man could hear her thoughts through her tone. I'm a human being, motherfucker! Let me go!


Her voice was wasted on an empty hallway. Her ears perked up at the sound of voices, but she quickly recognized the noise as the T.V. He's left me here like this to go watch the news!? Mike let her ears droop and her tail flop down over Duke. So much for a huge score, she thought. She'd scored, but not in the way she'd hoped.


Edgar Hatheway wasn't going to save her. Could she even blame him? She was going to clean him out, after he'd spared her from the cops. She'd planned to remove Duke's collar and kick him out of the house as an extra bit of retaliation, for what? Because the old man had wanted to protect his property? If only she'd listened to Roberto...


No, if she was getting out of this mess, she needed to get to that coin. Groaning, she tugged experimentally on Duke's tight, throbbing tie. No luck, she just made Duke grunt and wag his tail. At least someone in the house was having a good day. Mike would have to wait until Duke was thoroughly done breeding her.


Now that she could use her paws, she was able to pull away from the Great Dane after a mere fifteen minutes, the wet squelch of her tightening passage making her wince. Duke barked happily, turning around and wanting to play. Did the big dog ever get tired? Mike had learned her lesson - she kept her tail curled neatly between her legs. She didn't growl, or run, or show any other emotion, lest the dog get the wrong message. Instead, she walked quietly out of the room.


The house was quiet except for Duke's playful panting as he followed behind her and the blaring of the T.V. The display case was just to the left of the T.V., so she'd have to wait for Edgar to leave. Well, he'd have to leave eventually, and Mike, apparently, had a lot of time on her hands. Quietly, she padded into the room to see the redneck sitting in the old recliner, watching Fox News and drinking a beer.


Great, she thought, walking in and curling up behind the upholstery. He'll have to pee sometime. Until then, Mike would wait, keeping a sharp eye on the glass case that held her salvation. No more 'being a dog', no more puppies, no more lifting her tail for Duke. She'd simply wish that she'd never entered this cursed house - with luck, Mike would forget the whole thing!


Time passed painfully slowly. Duke seemed as bored as she was, lying down in a big heap a few feet from her. Politics held no interest for either animal. Mike's attention was fixed on the large, glass display case, and any effort by Edgar to leave the room. She already had an idea how to get the case open, but she couldn't risk it with the old man only a few feet away.


She itched. Badly. Whether it was her heat, or the syrupy mess that soiled her pussy, Mike was having a very hard time concentrating on what was really important. She twitched her leg, gritting her teeth as she waited for the damned hick to go to the bathroom already! He was more machine than man!


Finally, she just couldn't take it anymore. Edgar's back was too her anyway - no one needed to know. Curling up as quietly as she could, Mike regarded her sopping cunt. She could smell Duke all over it, and a chill ran down her spine. His sticky cum clung to her rump, starting to dry in places that left rough, matted fur. That must be causing her irritation. Mike took a deep breath, knowing what she had to do. So gross...


Slowly and softly, she reached down with her muzzle and took a tentative lick. She remembered that salty flavor from licking Duke's tip, but there was a lot more, now. Duke had cleaned her out the first time, but she had no interest in offering his eager tongue her trembling spade again. No, like it or not, this was her duty.


She started with the moist fur around her spade, hoping that would be enough. Her wide tongue engulfed the coated hairs, filling her mouth with the Great Dane's vile cum. She'd have stopped if her actions weren't already helping. For every drop she gulped down, another section of fur lay smooth and flat. With only a little persistence, she'd cleaned her entire rump.


But it wasn't enough. Still her y-shaped folds itched, still bouncing up and down, protruding firmly from her rump. She curled up tighter, lowering her wet nose to her spoiled opening. Mike took a deep breath. Now or never...


She slathered her pussy, gulping down every thick, creamy droplet. Her swollen folds trembled under her powerful licks, yielding beneath her tongue. She quickly cleaned the surface, but each time she compressed her fleshy mound, more of Duke's fluids leaked out of her. Thank God the T.V. volume is up, or Edgar would hear every slippery slurp! Mike cleaned herself for what seemed like hours before her tongue finally came away clean.


But her irritation was even worse! Mike kicked her long, slender legs, frustrated, watching her freshly cleaned vulva bouncing up and down. The itch wasn't outside - it was inside! Duke's sticky cum coated her pussy, and she wasn't going to feel any better until she got most of it out.


Used to the taste by now, Mike turned her full attention to her large, puffy vagina, while Duke watched with perked ears. She pushed her thick tongue between her soft, yielding lips, and sure enough, her probing organ came back dripping in cum. She gulped it down before ramming herself full again. The task seemed never-ending! Mike licked harder and faster and deeper, tail curved up and out of the way. She lifted one leg until it was strained and shaking, for better access. The big Dane had only taken her twice, but the sheer amount of cum lining her pussy was amazing.


Mike finally pulled her tongue free, chest heaving from exertion. She glanced quickly around, grateful to see that Edgar was still watching television, none the wiser. She muffled her groan, pussy aching more than ever. After all the cum she'd swallowed, she finally realized that the problem was her, not him. Her efforts only made the problem worse - she needed Duke more than ever. What am I thinking? Mike wondered, but she let her eyes settle on Duke.


Fuck it, she thought rolling onto her belly. The deep need that she felt was almost like torture, like being trapped in a box with no escape, or being bound to a table while a spider crawled up your arm. Mike knew the only thing that could help. It won't matter anyway, once I reach that coin! Creeping across the floor on her belly, Mike approached the prone dog.


Duke was lying full on his side, but lifted his head at her approach. He looked tired, and he certainly wasn't interested in her right now. Mike had to change that. Reaching forward, she pushed a paw between his hind legs, making the dog reflexively lift one leg. Ah, there it is... she thought, gazing at Duke's flaccid, black sheath and his thick, heavy balls. I've got a fever, and the only cure...


Hesitating only long enough to make sure Edgar was still facing the other way, Mike took a lick. Duke's musky scent filled her nose, making her entire body shiver, but the taste was something altogether more potent. She ran her tongue across his entire sheath, somehow able to taste his masculinity. The dog's balls were sticky with his own blowback, and Mike revelled in the saltiness of his sack.


Duke cocked his head, but his tail started thumping, and more to the point, his dick started to emerge. Mike's own tail went swooshing back and forth across the carpet as she nosed his swelling tip, opening her muzzle and running her tongue all the way across him. She felt him thickening inside her mouth, filling out within her curled tongue. It's working!


Now she could taste the slick combination of his fluids and hers, still dripping from his glistening cock. Mike had to stifle a whimper of trembling anticipation, pulling back from the increasingly horny Great Dane. He wouldn't refuse her now, would he?


Mike knew she should lure him out of the living room, but she couldn't wait. She'd just have to stay quieter than the blaring back-and-forth on Hannity, which shouldn't be too hard. The stocky, irritable man was having a back and forth with some guy named Weiner, and both were shouting over each other. If she was quick and quiet, Edgar would never know the difference!


Holding her breath, Mike faced away from Duke, looking over her shoulder at the suddenly interested animal. Gulping, she raised her tail, her swollen, glistening spade poking out of her grey fur, ready and bouncing for a third go. Come on, boy! she thought, ignoring the niggling voice in the back of her head that was disgusted by the very idea.


Duke lifting himself to his feet, licking his chops. Mike could only shiver in anticipation as the big, black dog began sniffing up under her tail. Yes, yes, that's it!


"Goddamn bullshit," Edgar complained at the blaring T.V. set, reaching for the remote. "Maybe there's a rerun'a Matlock on HMC." The channel flipped, and sure enough, Andy Griffith was on, talking quietly to one of his clients.


Oh no! He'll hear us for sure! Mike thought, mind racing. The sixteen-year-old dropped her tail with great effort, still trembling with a burning lust. I'll just have to lead Duke into the hallway...


Duke had other plans. Without asking politely, the big dog rammed his nose up under her tail and took a nice, firm lick of over-sized mound.




Caught off guard, Mike squealed, the firm pressure on her folds making her raise her tail again. Eyes wide, the transformed bitch stared straight at the recliner, lower lip quivering. Had he heard!?


The chair swivelled around, Edgar's eyebrow raised as he set his sights on the new Duchess, her ears laid flat in horror with her tail obediently splayed for her horny mate. Mike froze, trying to hold back the soft whimpers that begged to escape her throat with each steady lick from Duke.


"Don' stop on mah account," the old man chuckled. "Go on an' have your fun. Besides, I seen this Matlock too recent. I'm sure y'all make a better show." He leaned back in the big chair, crossing his legs.


Like hell I'm going to do this with that man watching! Easier said than done - Mike was having a terrible time trying to pull her rump away from the eager Dane. Her face burned as Edgar watched the big dog slurp and slorp deep inside her engorged pussy, but her legs just wouldn't respond.


He'll think I want this! Mike thought to herself.


You do, she admitted miserably.


By the time she'd summoned the willpower to end this special humiliation, it was too late. Duke could tell when his bitch was ready, and Mike was definitely ready! The Great Dane jumped up, grabbing the former boy around her slender waist. Mike looked at those curled, muscular paws and whimpered. I'm not going anywhere now, and we all know it.


"I thought you was allergic to work, but maybe I's wrong 'bout you," Edgar joked. "You're really takin' to your new job fast. Come to think of it, I did hire ya to be Duke's new playmate..."


Fuck you! Mike tried to shoot the redneck a dirty look, but she was interrupted by Duke's first, powerful thrust. Just like before, the dog aimed too low, his fat cock brushing between her legs. Despite herself, Mike's pussy trembled, so close to the release she so desperately needed. But she couldn't, not with Edgar right there! She whined pathetically as the big animal humped her, while the old man watched.


I'm just prolonging the humiliation, Mike realized. Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, the teenager tried as hard as she could to pretend Edgar wasn't there. Legs shaking, she lowered herself toward Duke's pumping cock.


"Good girl!" Edgar praised, even as Duke plowed right into her soft, wet cunt.


Yip! she cried, the thick organ spreading her easily apart and driving half-way into her. A shocking enough sensation, without the Dane's next thrust, which shoved the rest of it in. God, he is so huge! Mike's high-pitched cries only came out quicker and louder, her own hips bucking up and down frantically. Her legs buckled from the sheer force of his thrusts. Why does this feel so fucking good!?


"That's it, Duchess, let him have you," Edgar crooned.


She wished she could disobey the old hick, but more important issues were pressing into her at the moment. Tongue dangling, she spread her back legs as far as they could go, letting the huge animal hilt himself inside of her. She could feel his hard tip thudding deep inside of her, feel and hear the sharp slap of his heavy balls against her hips.


"Breed her nice and full, Duke," Edgar encouraged. Leaning toward Mike, the man added, "If you give me a nice, strong litter, I'll think about considering changing you back. No promises."


If there had been any doubt in Mike's mind that the dog's fertile seed could do its dirty job inside of her, that doubt was gone. She was a Great Dane bitch through and through, and her primed womb was already stuffed full of Duke's cum. Even if the dog had missed his mark the first two times, what was the saying? Third time's the charm? Would it be so bad, to feel his - our - puppies growing inside of me?


No! No puppies! Mike screamed at herself. She wouldn't be this perverted old man's 'pet dog' for a day, much less however many months it took to have puppies. I'm going to get to that coin, and it'll be like none of this ever happened!


A low moan escaped her lips. But first I have to finish what I started. Duke's thick, iron rod held her mostly in place - all she could do was rock her hips a few inches in either direction, revelling in the way the massive organ pulled and tugged at every square-inch of her trembling pussy. She felt her lips stretching open, whimpering as the large dog's big knot began to swell inside her. I fit him twice already, I can do it again, she whined.


Duke was rutting her fast and hard now, leaving Mike gasping for breath. The way he humped forward while tugging back on her hips let her know exactly who was in charge here, and it wasn't Mike. His job was to grab her by the haunches and pump her full of puppies. Her job was to whimper, stay put, and take it. She glanced toward the coin and stamp display case. Like it or not, she was Duke's property now, and only one thing could save her...


Mike tossed her head back and howled. Her swollen mound was swelling for another reason now, as Duke's knot grew and grew. Wet sloshing sounds greeted each rocking thrust, until she bulged out like a grapefruit, sealing him in. Mike dug all four claws into the carpet beneath her. She felt his bony tip nestled right up against her vulnerable womb, but the knot is what finally did her in. Bulging and throbbing just inside her, the swollen glands jostled something that had only been teased before. Even a tiny motion sent waves of pleasure up her back, but both dogs were humping so hard that their hips were a blur.


Mike lost it, her entire body dissolving into shivering shudders and deep, needy moans. Her distended vulva squeezed and pulled Duke deeper, massaging his thick, full cock with firm, rapid milking motions. Mike knew what was coming but she didn't care. No, she cared - she couldn't wait for...




Duke bellowed, her warm, wet cunny too much for him. He gave one last, fearsome thrust, and held himself there, warm, bubbling spurts gushing straight into Mike's fertile womb. She bucked her hips, drinking him greedily, tail wagging. Any thoughts of the magical coin were lost in the heat of the moment. For now, there was only one place she wanted to be - wrapped around Duke's spasming cock.


Oh God, oh God, oh God... Mike chanted in her head, bucking her hips like the world depended on it. She had always heard that animals didn't fuck for pleasure, just to make babies. Now she knew the truth. It's both.


"Good dogs," Edgar said, smiling.


Mike ignored the old man, lost in the twitching, tingling pleasure. As if her predicament weren't embarrassing enough, she had to admit that getting fucked by Duke was far and away the best sex of her life. When she'd been a sixteen-year-old boy and fucked a girl, she'd give them one spurt and done. A quick, rush of pleasure faded into sweet contentment. Duke, on the other hand, was like a never-ending freight train. Again and again he splattered her innermost chamber, orgasms cascading through her body one after another without stopping. Each time she took a heaving gasp, expecting the pleasure to dull, Duke thrust again, sending her into another quivering climax. Whimpering, Mike lowered her front half to the floor, letting his rank, sticky dog cum spill down straight into her womb.


Duke finished with her soon enough, lifting a leg and turning around. HIs knot pulled and tugged on her trembling pussy, but Mike could only gasp and moan. The Great Dane's volume had thinned, but he was still gushing inside of her, thick balls squeezing and relaxing in a quick, regular rhythm.


Edgar leaned forward in the chair, and said softly, "You know, I think this is going to work out for the best for everyone. You've got something to take your mind off stealing, I've got someone to watch Duke while I'm away, and Duke's clearly going to be getting a lot more exercise."


Mike was too exhausted to growl at the old man, her tongue dangling sideways out of her mouth. She could only watch as Edgar picked up an empty beer bottle, got up, and walked through the door to the kitchen.


Her eyes popped open. This is my chance!


Mike jumped toward the display case, only to be rudely reminded that she had a Great Dane stuck to her rump. God damn it, Duke! Mike gritted her teeth, ignoring the pain as she slowly pulled the black dog behind her. She reached her goal with time to spare - Edgar was still in the kitchen!


There was a lamp that almost reached the ceiling right next to the entertainment center, and on top of that stood a large, glossy green vase, right near the edge. Below the vase stood the glass display case, which protected the very coin she most desperately needed. Leaning into the base of the lamp, Mike tilted the lampshade toward the vase and gave it a rough shove.


Yes! Mike thought, as the vase went plummeting off the oak entertainment center to land pointy-side down onto the glass case. Crash! Glass went everywhere, as did coins and stamps.


No! Where was the wishing coin? Mike tugged Duke over to where the coin was last, but sure enough, it had been scattered somewhere. She could already hear Edgar's heavy footsteps rushing into the room.


Where is it, where is it, where? Mike blinked. There, in the carpet, lay the ancient coin. This better work... she thought, placing her paw on the small metal disc.


Edgar flung the door open so hard it went crack! into the wall. Seeing what Mike was doing, the old man said, "No, wait, don't touch that!"


Fuck you, old man. Mike made her wish. I wish that I'd never entered this motherfucking house!








Nothing happened. Mike wished again, I wish I were my old self again! I wish Edgar would die right now! I wish...I wish this coin would fucking work!


Mike cowered over the wishing coin, trembling and tied to Duke. The old man stepped carefully through the broken glass to lean down and speak softly in Mike's ear. "Sorry, Duchess - you gotta say your wishes out loud. Now look at this mess...I'm gunna need at least two litters before I think about possibly considerin' lettin' ya go."


The best Mike could do was whimper.


* * * * *


Duchess lay comfortably next to Duke, wagging her tail slowly. Her energy had dropped significantly again, just like the last time she'd been almost two months pregnant. The puppies will come any day now, she thought.


Her normally slender belly bulged with what could only be at least a dozen Great Dane pups. Her teats swelled out, heavy and ready. They'd never really shrunk back down after her first litter, but Duchess didn't mind.


Duke leaned protectively against her, watching the door. Tucking a paw over his, Duchess lifted her head to lick the black dog's face. He'd been so good to her over the last year, caring for her and protecting her and - she didn't know what she'd have done without Duke there to relieve her heat! And what a doting father! He seemed even sadder than she did as Edgar found each of the puppies a new home.


Speaking of Edgar Hatheway, she knew he'd be home any minute, which meant walks and, soon enough, dinner. Her tail wagged even harder - raising pups took a lot of energy! Duchess just hoped that her second litter would be born as healthy and vibrant as her first!


My second litter, she thought. He wouldn't really, would he? Edgar had promised long ago to think about changing her back, but he hadn't said anything like that since. Duchess didn't know what she would do if that happened. 'Mike' had been an entitled little snot. The boy's own parents hadn't even bothered to post "Missing" flyers, as far as Duchess could tell. Roberto certainly hadn't looked for him; just another write-off in the man's supply chain.


No, Duchess had nothing to go back to. Duke licked her cheek, and the pregnant Great Dane wagged her tail again.


What more could she ask for? A loving mate, a growing family, and a fair owner was all she really needed.



Some folks have all the luck.
Wonderful Story, This is going to be one of my all time favourites, Thank You So Much