Japanese Souvenirs

Published: Dec 16th, 2007


Man to Cat-girl.


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Japanese Souvenirs - By Sarokcat Author: By Sarokcat Species: Man to Cat-girl Date: Sep. 29, 2007 Rating: X Japanese Souvenirs

Jason grinned as pulled out another case of dew from the fridge, moving it over next to the other stacks of unopened junk food and soda piled up in the living room. His friends would be there soon, he was thinking as he glanced over at the clock, and they had a cool night planned. His friend Mike had just returned from a summer trip to Japan of all places, and they had set aside this weekend to celebrate his return. Mike and Dave, his other friends, were going to be staying the weekend over at his house while his parents were gone. They were going to play video games, watch movies, and hang out the whole time.

The doorbell rang just as Jason was trying to decide if he needed to get anything else set up, He shrugged as he headed to answer it, if he had forgotten anything he could get it later. Waving at his two friends to come in, they quickly tossed their packs down before getting comfortable. Both Jason and Dave quickly settled down to listen to Mike as he started to tell them about the strange things he had seen in Japan.

"I tell ya guys," Mike said as he related his experiences. "You just would not believe some of the things they sell in vending machines there, its insane."

"Aw come on," Dave said. "It cant be that weird, Some of our vending machines out here have strange stuff too."

"I figured you might say that," Mike replied with a grin, "So I brought home some proof," he said as he began to fish around in his pack. Coming up with a couple small items, he tossed them to the two of them.

"No way," Jason found himself saying, looking at the small can, which proudly displayed fresh women's panties within. "They have Panty machines there? Talk about twisted"

"Yep," Mike said, as Dave popped open the sealed can, pulling out a small white pair of panties.

"They have a little cat on them," Dave said with a grin, as he stretched the panties a bit.

"Goes with that little human sized cat collar and bell Jason is holding there," Mike replied with a grin. "From the same machine actually, like I said, you wouldn't believe the stuff you can find over there."

"I bet," Jason said, tossing the collar back to his friend. "So what are you going to do with your new panties man? I bet they'd look great on you with a miniskirt."

"That's an idea," Mike said with a grin. "We're all alone here for the weekend, so how about we make a bet."

"What kind of bet?" Jason found himself asking curiously.

"The fun kind," Mike replied. "How about we do a little death match here, between you and Dave. The loser has to put on the panties and collar, and wear them for the whole weekend."

"That's twisted dude" Jason replied, although the thought of slipping on women's underwear did make him at least a bit curious.

"Aw come on man," Dave said. "It sounds good to me, besides you usually win anyways."

"Fine then," Jason found himself saying with a grin as he booted up the system, "Prepare for pain."

A few minutes later Jason found himself groaning as his character died yet another horrible death, losing the match totally. "I don't know how the fuck you managed to beat me that bad man, seriously."

"I got skills dude," Dave said with a grin. "Now, you remember the price, right?"

"Aw fuck no guys, that's just not right," Jason said with a groan. "You aren't fucking serious are you?"

"A bet is a bet Jase," Mike said with a grin. "And to quote this sore loser I know, I bet they'll look great on you!"

"Fuck man," Jason said embarrassed, "Come on, lets do something else instead."

"You made the bet Jase," Dave replied with a grin. "You know if I had lost you wouldn't be letting me wiggle out of it. Turnabout bud."

"Damn it! Fine guys," Jason said with resignation. "But if you guys breathe one word of this to anyone back at college your both dead, ok?"

"Sure man," Dave said snickering. "Your cross-dressing secrets are safe with us."

As Jason tossed Dave a dirty look, Mike piped in. "Don't worry man; it isn't like we haven't seen more of you in gym class already."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll go change… Bastards!" Jason said as he grabbed the panties and began to head to his room.

"Don't forget," Mike shouted after him as the other two started up another game. "No pants! We have to make sure you're really wearing them!" Mike said with a grin, causing Jason to toss him the finger as he left the room.

"Think he'll actually do it?" Dave commented to Mike after Jason had left.

"Oh yeah," Mike replied with a grin. "This weekend is going to be so much fun," he continued as the two friends shared a look.

"Great," Jason muttered to himself as he closed the door of his room behind him. "How do I get myself into these things," he wondered aloud. There was no way out of it though. He sighed, looking at the small panties with their little cat-like face printed on them. He was going to be a long time living this bet down, but he had better get on with it at least.

'Still,' Jason thought as he began to undo his jeans, 'I might as well make the best of it all.' He grinned a bit as he stripped off his pants. The exhibitionist thought of wearing women's underwear was making his cock start to twitch a bit. He found he was stroking himself a bit as he pulled his boxers all the way off. Finding himself anticipating what the silken panties would feel like, he quickly pulled the soft stretchy cloth up, carefully tucking his hard boner into them as he settled them in place.

"God," Jason groaned. The strange feeling the soft cloth wrapping around his hard shaft, the feeling of the it being stretched in the front by his cock and balls was simply amazing. Looking down he couldn't help but chuckle at way the panties tented forward so much in front, stretching even more as he got more aroused. 'It's a good thing that these panties are so stretchy,' he found himself thinking. 'Otherwise I'd have already ripped them with how tight they are.'

"Damn," Jason said to himself. "I think I'm actually glad Dave managed to beat me somehow. This just feels amazing," he admitted to himself.

Jason groaned a bit as he remembered Mike and Dave waiting for him outside. There was no way he could go out there like this with his cock at full extension and there was no way to hide it. The other two would never let him live it down. Still, thinking about parading himself in front of his two male friends while wearing the panties was giving him an exhibitionistic thrill. It was actually making it hard to think clearly about the situation. Then he grinned as he thought of a possible solution. If he was going to be hard anyway, he might as well take care of it here in his room so it wouldn't be giving him away where the other two could see.

Grinning as he sat down on the edge of the bed stripping off his shirt, he moaned as he began to stroke himself through the panties, the feel of the soft foreign cloth covering his hard dick enhancing the experience. Damn, he thought as he stroked himself, 'I wonder if Mike would let me keep these after this weekend as a souvenir, especially if I let them tease me about it.' Jason found the thought exciting him even more. Imagining himself wearing the panties in other situations or even to some of his college classes. No one would ever know what kind of underwear he was wearing after all. He found himself thrusting even harder as the cloth rubbed up and down his shaft softly masturbating him. He had never felt this good before. He could hardly believe he hadn't wanted to try this before.

Groaning Jason flipped over and began to rub his cock against the bed before grabbing one of the pillows to thrust against desperately as his excitement built even higher. He found it hard to believe that he hadn't come yet. Never having gone this long before, he glanced down at the bulge in his panties as he rubbed it against the pillow while stroking. For some reason he thought it almost looked smaller than before. He shrugged that off as impossible because as excited as he was, there was no way at all it could be shrinking.

Thrusting harder as he stroked himself, he found it getting hard to think of anything but his burning need to get off. He had never been anywhere near this horny before, yet he could not quite manage to get there. 'What's wrong with me,' he wondered as he looked down at the sight of his hand wrapped around the small bulge in the panties. He was sure his package seemed much smaller then it had before.

Yet even that strangeness paled next to the fact that he couldn't manage to get himself off. He was panting with the effort now and his skin was tingling as his rough motions continued to excite him all over. His skin felt alive with sensation and he found himself gasping and panting desperately as he tried to reach that last little bit to finally orgasm.

Hardly able to feel the strokes of his hand anymore, Jason began rubbing himself even harder up against the pillow and when that wasn't enough, up against the foot of the bed. Groaning in need, Jason found himself panicking as his fast moving hand lost contact with his dick for a minute, sliding right off the end as his hand moved over the slick cloth.

Scrambling with both hands to find his dick again, he had an entirely new reason to panic. He realized that he could barely grab the small nub of his dick, that he could hardly feel either it or his balls anymore.

Looking down at himself, Jason realized that the panties lay almost flat against his burning and tingling skin. Glancing at the skin around it, it seemed a bit reddish as if irritated. He found it hard to concentrate on anything but what was happening to his privates. "My cock!" Jason moaned, barely able to believe what he saw. "What's happening to me." Unable to concentrate, on this question for long, as he found himself moaning in frustration again. A slight shudder went through him when he realized that not only was he still damn horny, but he was actually more concerned over his loss of ability to stroke himself and keep the sensations going than he was at the actual loss of his cock itself!

Stumbling to his feet, Jason moved aimlessly about the room. He was trying desperately to stroke himself with his hands but soon found himself rubbing his body and crotch up against anything he could find in his room that would provide some satisfaction, or at least release. Jason found that gripping the dresser tight with his hands and bucking up against it as he rubbed his crotch up and down its edge started to reward him again with new sensations. Grinning in triumph, he humped against the dresser harder, his hands curling in pain as he gripped the dresser tightly. He didn't notice the deep furrows his sharpening fingernails left in the wood. Jason gasped as he managed to work a corner of the dresser into him, the panties rubbing against some new opening as he pushed it in. Then, he froze for a second in total shock.

Throwing himself away from the dresser in horror at his actions, he stumbled back towards the bed, temporarily distracted from his needs by the sheer realization that he actually felt the wood pushing into him slightly, in a place where there shouldn't be any opening for it.

Quickly probing with his hands as he hit the edge of the bed, he realized that he could actually feel a small opening, his sharp nails pricking it teasingly as he explored it through the panties. 'The panties,' he thought. 'It had to be something to do with the panties.'

Fighting his desperate need to continue to stimulate his burning body, he quickly scrambled to get a grip on the edge of the offending clothing. Jason gasped again, this time in pain. He had scratched long furrows in his side as he tried to get the panties off before realizing that there was no longer any seam between the tight cloth and his skin.

'Oh man,' Jason found himself thinking in horror as he realized that the panties were now permanently attached. 'It's turning me into a girl.'

His hand moved slowly back towards his reforming privates. As he stroked himself with one hand, it caused him to moan again. He brought the other hand up to see how he could have scratched himself so badly only to be shocked again as he stared at the small claws that were slowly forming from where his fingernails had been. They were pushing their way out through the soft, more feminine skin of his hands. . "Not just a girl. It's turning me into a cat-girl," Jason groaned as he remembered the little cat face on the panties.

Glancing down at himself where his other hand was massaging, he realized that if he looked closely he could start to see little hairs pushing out of his burning skin. 'God, just what kind of strange thing did Mike bring back from Japan after all?' Jason realized immediately that thinking of Mike was a mistake.

Just the thought of the male teenage college student in the other room was making him moan even harder. Groaning as he built up to the peak of orgasm again, with no relief in sight, he found the thoughts of Mike and Dave to be strangely exciting as well. Rubbing the front of his sensitive body up against the bed and his pillow again, he moaned as he fondled his slowly forming opening with one hand while the other moved up to tease his hypersensitive nipples. As he felt his nipples with his clawed hand, Jason quickly realized that they were forming into small breasts.

'Maybe once they finish forming, I'll finally be able to get off,' he thought. This made him grin as he ran his hand through the fast growing light brown fur. Jason groaned again as his eyes drifted closed while playing with the soft breasts as they formed. the feel of her soft fur covered breasts making him emit little mewling sounds as he panted with need.

'What would the other two think if they could see me now?' Jason thought with a grin as he pressed his closed eyes down into the bed while imagining the looks on his two friend's faces as they took in his changing form. He could see their pants tenting out at the sight and the image of them getting hard while he masturbated his new feline body in front of them sent illicit tingles of pleasure through Jason. Finally, the combination of thought and action built up and tipped his newly formed body over the edge.

With cat-like feline yowls, his body shuddered with pleasure. As his orgasm finally washed through him it released some of the pressure that had built up down below in his now fully functional cunt. He could hardly believe that the feral feline sounds could have come from his throat. Shortly another orgasm followed, then another in quick succession as he again plunged his hand into his fully formed new female parts causing his body to twitch uncontrollably at the new feelings. Any restriction of the panties had faded away.

The pressure in his cunt wasn't the only pressure that was being released. He realized he could now feel the previously ignored pressure that had been building in his spine. It shot out as well, bursting into the start of what was surely a tail.

Gasping in sweet relief, his mind still fogged with the sheer pleasure washing through his body, he moaned into the sheets. That's when he felt a soft breeze from an open door pleasantly stir his burning hot fur . Then, realizing that he shouldn't be feeling anything from the door, his eyes shot open. Then there was the feel of something touching the back of his neck. He tried to stand but found his muscles were still too weak from his recent experience. All Jason could do was flop around as hands quickly wrapped something around his neck. Looking up, he saw at Mike just as he finished latching whatever it was to his neck. Jason reached up to feel it and realized, as soon as touched a small cat bell, that it was the collar from earlier.

Staring in shock, Jason looked first at Mike standing over him, then Dave standing by the door. He wondered how long they had been watching him, but then found himself struck by the realization that they had obviously both been enjoying the show. Mikes large cock was tenting out his pants, and Dave had already unzipped and was stroking himself. Jason couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through his sex fogged mind as he thought about, of all things, his friends cocks!

"What's going on?" Jason managed to ask, wincing slightly at the feminine lilt to his voice, as he looked at the two of them. "How did you do this?"

"What's going on, bud, is that you lost a bet," Mike replied with a grin as he looked down on Jason's frightened form. "And of course, once we realized that you'd forgotten your collar, we had to come help you out," he said as he flicked the bell attached to the collar. As the bell made its strange sound, it sent an erotic tingle through Jason's body. "As for how… As I said before, you'd be surprised what fun things you can find in the vending machines over there in Japan."

Mike paused for a second after speaking to let his words began to sink in. "You're not much of a Jason any more now are you? How about we call you Jasmine instead? That sounds much nicer. So, from now on you will answer to Jasmine, ok?"

Shaking her head trying to clear it, Jasmine realized that there was something wrong with what Mike had just said, but she couldn't manage to work out exactly what the problem was. "Aw don't shake your head now Jasmine," Mike said to her in a low voice as he began to undo his pants. "You're a very obedient and horny little sexpet now aren't you?"

Jasmine found herself nodding absently at Mike's stating of the obvious. Her eyes were fixed on his trousers as he pulled them down to reveal the large tent in his shorts. Jasmine was a good pet. She wore his collar after all, and only good obedient sexpets could wear the collars of such well-endowed masters.

Jasmine leaned forward automatically. With his pants completely off, Mike began to pull down his underwear and her eyes fixed on his glorious rod as he exposed it to the room. She paid no attention to Dave as he moved around behind her. Jasmine was drooling as Mike stepped backwards, making her drop to her hands and knees on the floor and crawl forward to follow him. Her eyes never left his hard glistening rod.

Panting with need, Jasmine realized that she had become amazingly horny again. As the soft breeze stirred her new fur, it caused her tail to flip wildly behind her. She turned for a second and saw Dave standing behind as she crouched on the floor, his cock was fully erect. Dave captured her with his hands as he knelt and her soft golden furred body partially hid him. Her eyes were quickly dragged back to the cock in front of her and she found her tongue was hanging out of her mouth almost reaching her chin. She moved closer to her master's strong rod while suppressing strange feelings that something was wrong with wanting her friends hard cock, or any hard cock for that matter.

Jasmine let out a soft mewl of joy as her naked master sat down in the desk chair and motioned to continue her approach. Jasmine's mouth watered in anticipation as she sniffed the musky scent of his arousal with her tingling nose. She grinned as she felt Dave's hands gripping her fur on both sides of her hips as he pulled her legs slightly apart and positioned himself better. She helped Dave, and spread her legs as well as lifting her ass up to meet him even as her mouth finally closed over the large cock in front of her. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as she ran her long tongue over its delicious length.

Jasmine found her eyes shooting open again as Dave slammed his hard cock deep into her pussy, gasping at the ease with which it penetrated her burning cunt so easily.

Jasmine rocked with pleasure, grinding her hips back against Dave as he started to thrust into her. At the same time, Mike grabbed the back of her head and forced her down on his cock again while more pleasure slammed through her still changing body. Much to his delight, Jasmine ran her soft hands up and down Mike's legs and thighs. As her soft fingers tickled him, they shrank down to more paw-like pads. Her ears twitched as they grew longer and moved upwards to where Mike had his hands buried in her hair. The sensation of the backs of her ears rubbing against his hands made her mewl and purr with pleasure around his stiff cock. The feel of Jasmine's tongue and the rattle of her feline purring while she sucked him made Mike arch in total pleasure as well.

Dave continued to pound into her from behind causing her head to bob up and down on Mikes cock. The feeling of her slowly elongating muzzle was providing almost as much pleasure as her fully packed cunt. She grinned as Mike bucked when she gently ran her growing sharp feline teeth along his sensitive shaft while she caressed him with her rough dexterous tongue. Jasmine smiled inwardly as she felt her upper lip being pulled up and her nose shift. Still slightly human in appearance but with a far more cat-like tilt, she was able to get even more of his aroused scent. Jasmine enveloped as much of Mike's twitching cock as possible. Her new muzzle covered his erect cock almost completely as she continued to work it.

Jasmine gasped as Mike was unable to hold out any longer and shot his load deep into her mouth and down her throat. It left her trying to swallow as much of the amazingly tasty liquid as she could. Grinning like a good little sexpet, she lifted her mouth from his still spurting member, strings of cum trailing from her face. With her long tongue, she quickly licked herself clean even as she felt Dave begin to quicken his pace behind her. Jasmine ground herself back and clenched her new pussy muscles, teasing him, until he too spilled his hot seed deep within her.

Jasmine still panted wantonly with need. She attacked Mike's cock again, licking it back into service, the burning desire in her changing body leaving her so horny she found herself wanting, no needing, more. Suddenly Dave inserted himself into her waiting cunt again, pleasure burning like liquid fire through her veins, making Jasmine gasp as she ground her pussy back again onto his slick cock.

Jasmine curled her hands into fists as she dug her claws into the floor below her. They were becoming much more paw-like by the second as her fingers shrank to almost nonexistence. Panting desperately she thrust backwards onto Dave, her mouth once more covered Mike's cock completely. She tried desperately to milk it for all of its delicious seed. Jasmine orgasmed again and again as she continued throughout the night, thoughts of anything other then her current existence and the sheer pleasure involved in serving her new master submerged totally in the new cat-girl's mind.

"This is so awesome man," Dave said to Mike as he stroked Jasmines soft fur later in the evening. "She really does look just like a damn cat-girl. Are you sure no one will notice?"

"Just the two of us who were here when I put the collar on," Mike replied with a grin as he lounged back and looked over at Jasmines tawny furred form. He found himself admiring her new body with its pert breasts, soft kitty ears, and feline muzzle. Her cute swishing tail and the soft front paws that had replaced her hands. "Everyone else will still see the old Jason, though probably not for to long actually."

"What's that mean?" Dave asked. "Does it expire?"

"Nope, but while people will see the old Jason," Mike explained. "In reality she's still our fun new sexpet Jasmine, and while I expect she will attend a few classes, she obviously isn't going to be much good at them." The two friends snickered at the image of the hot cat-girl trying to do advanced math or any other subjects with her changed paw-like hands. "By the end of the semester she's probably going to be skipping all her classes to spend time with us. She'll eventually be dropping right out of college altogether and you know what that means?"

"Actually I hadn't thought that far ahead man," Dave said picturing it "You really have this all worked out?"

"Yep, I do," Mike replied. "I gave ya the tips you needed to beat his ass for the video game contest and you backed me up on the bet. It worked out perfectly I think."

"Yeah man, thanks a ton on that," Dave said with a bit of a shudder at what might have happened if Jason had won instead. "But what about when she drops out? You have a plan for that?"

"Yep, you know I am getting my own apartment now that I'm back from Japan," Mike continued as Dave nodded. "Well when 'Jason' and his parents have their row about him dropping out, being the good friend I am, I'll offer my good buddy a place to stay in my apartment."

Dave chuckled at the lewd gesture Mike made to go with his comment. "Of course I expect you and Jason to stop by and visit a lot since we are friends and Jasmine isn't going to be using all the games and stuff over here." Mike continued.

"Hell yeah," Dave said as he looked around at some of the electronics and other items in the cat-girl's former room. "She won't need this shit now, right? Mind if I snag the stereo?"

"No problem bud," Mike said with a grin. "Not too much at once or it would look weird but a few gifts from our adoring pet to us wouldn't be amiss," Mike said scratching Jasmine behind the ears and making her purr softly as she moved closer and began to rub up against him again. "Speaking of gifts, how did you like that Japanese soda I brought you back man? You know, the one I gave you in the car."

"It was pretty good actually. Tasted kinda weird though," Dave replied then stopped suspiciously and questioned, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh No reason," Mike replied with a spreading grin as Jasmine began to lick him erect again. "No reason at all."

'Yes,' Mike found himself thinking in amusement. 'I'm sure both of you will be visiting my apartment quite often indeed.'

The End


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