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Nov 4th, 2016
You had some of my favourite stories, shame you deleted them. Hoping to see them again one day :P
Mar 11th, 2014
??? sorry if deleted, still navigating this new set up. Anyhow, you do good work. A little rushed sometimes, I'd recommend giving them a good read over before submitting, but you clearly have an innate talent for description and conveying mental/emotional shifts along with physical, something that's always fascinated me. Keep it up, and you will surprise yourself at where your talents can take you.
Feb 23rd, 2014
Keep up the good work
Feb 14th, 2014
Do you the same pen name of FA as you do here? I shall like to read more of your stories. As to my favorite breed of TF story, that can range from Welsh ponies, to some straight satyr m/F couples, to Angus bulls. I write as well at FA under my pen name there of Vaulthurst, check out my stories if you like.
Feb 11th, 2014
I suggest a second chapter about the cursed cabin and some older folks finding it by mistake, thinking it the cabin they had rented for the summer, they then meet the last couple to stay a night, and let the plot evolve.

Thanks for taking the time to read my work!<br /> <br /> If your interested and looking for more I usually post most of my stuff to Fur Affinity (, so check me out there.<br /> <br /> I don't do commissions but am happy to take suggestions if you'd like to see a piece written in a similar vain to my stories, so et me know what you like and would like to see.


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