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After Change Day, part 3 by horsewriter

Rated R
  • Published: Aug 19th, 2017
Dan is in heat for a few more days, then comes out of it. Now she has to deal with the reality of having Marlins puppies. What will they say to their parents?
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Score: 100

After Change Day, part 2 by horsewriter

Rated R
  • Published: Aug 14th, 2017
Dan, now a female malamute dog, is going deep in heat and is getting knocked up by Marlin, her best friend, now a male malamute dog.
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Score: 94

After Change Day by horsewriter

Rated R
  • Published: Jul 29th, 2017
  • Last Updated: Jul 31st, 2017
Two young men who are best friends are turned into male and female malamute wolf dogs on Change Day, along with a bunch of other people who become dogs of various species and genders. It's a month later, school is out, and they are going adventuring as dogs in the summer night, in their small Appalachian town nestled in the mountains, when the now girl starts to go into into heat.
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Score: 100
Rated X
  • Published: Jul 16th, 2017
Dan, who had been transformed into a female dog, is still in heat and still getting bred by Sam's dog Buddy, when she's abducted again by aliens and experimented on.
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Score: 100
Rated R
  • Published: Oct 30th, 2015
A witch who runs a farm transforms a male farmhand into a female dog and breeds her.
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Score: 85