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The Rat Queen's New Pet by doctorpluto

Rated R
  • Published: Nov 15th, 2016
Inspired by yangtheneko on FA. A hazmat team investigates an infestation, things go poorly.
Views: 2079
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Favorites: 2
Score: 87
Rated R
  • Published: Sep 8th, 2016
This is a weight gain story focused on two hapless college co-eds who are kidnapped by pervy men to be humiliating swollen into overly curvy babes.
Views: 4437
Comments: 0
Favorites: 3
Score: 94

Quarantine Zone by XeroxTwo

Rated X
  • Published: Dec 7th, 2015
When Amy's boyfriend is kidnapped and taken to the quarantine zone for a transformative plague, she'll stop at nothing to get him back. Even if it means tackling her ex-roommate's transformed street gang.
Views: 4413
Comments: 2
Favorites: 19
Score: 95

Number 3 by wickedgrinn

Rated R
  • Published: Jan 1st, 2012
  • Last Updated: Sep 12th, 2015
A woman decides to shake off a rough breakup with a little night of fun. The man she chooses to do this with has others plans in store...
Views: 1254
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Score: Disabled

Arion by ArionK

Rated R
  • Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Views: 727
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Favorites: 4
Score: 80