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Rated X
  • Published: Feb 25th, 2017
Dan is finally starting to get the hang of being a female dog when she goes into heat.
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Score: 95
Rated PG
  • Published: Feb 14th, 2017
A man is transformed into a female dog on an Earth strangely devoid of people. Can she figure out just what the hell is going on?
Views: 4843
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Score: 94
Rated X
  • Published: Jun 28th, 2016
Two brothers and their dad are out on a hunting trip and come upon a farm where they see something they shouldn't which results in their being transformed into animals. Male to Cow, Male to Female Dog, Male to Male Dog and Bull.
Views: 10465
Comments: 2
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Score: 78

Werewolf Woods by WerePerson

Rated R
  • Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Views: 1948
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Score: 85

Responsibility by thisguy18

Rated R
  • Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Views: 3000
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Score: 92