A Note on Bug Reports

Posted by docbyron on May 1st, 2015 at 03:13

Thank you to everyone who has submitted bugs so far.

I'll eventually be implementing a new "report" tool that'll make it super easy to submit a bug report. In the mean time, however, please feel free to submit bugs in whatever way is easiest for you. Probably the best is to create a thread in the Tech forum, but you're welcome to PM me if you prefer.

I've fixed a number of major bugs this evening, which should make things a lot smoother for the time being. I should have a big chunk of time this weekend to get through a lot of the remaining issues, the biggest of which is to resolve the problems with certain authors who either still need to be migrated into the new system or who need their old accounts merged into their new one.


@MadMorrow: I'll add it.
Is there a way to view who else has favorited a story on that story page?